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March 01, 2014

A Cuban-American Republican youth who likes Rubio, not the embargo's "insanity."


Every now and then, amid all the spam and junk from angry partisans and lunatics, there comes a thoughtful email from a reader that makes a reporter just happy he's doing his job. So I reached out to the sender (a 23-year-old Miami Republican who votes the party line) and decided to just post his study and his entire note (plus my added hypertext) below:

My name is Andrew N. Estevez, I just graduated in 2013 from the University of Miami with a Master's in International Business Administration. Your article on the front pages of the Friday Herald really struck a chord with me; not only because I am born of Cuban parents and have a Venezuelan girlfriend who passionately participates in all the Miami rallies for change in Venezuela, but also because, in my final semester at UM, I wrote a research paper analyzing the ineffectiveness of the United States' embargo on Cuba.

My paper is entitled Insanity. On the second page there is a quote from Albert Einstein that reads:
"Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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Gov. Scott uses private plane to shield his travel and schedule from public

By using his personal jet for public business, Florida Gov. Rick Scott can shield his itinerary from websites that track flights, and when his plane lands, he uses a public records exemption to tighten the cloak of secrecy.

Wherever Scott goes, he is shadowed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents. In citing a records exemption that protects FDLE “surveillance techniques” from publication, he withholds the members of his traveling party, restaurants and homes he visits, and people at meetings — all in the name of security.

To a much greater degree than the past three governors, Scott, former chief executive of the nation’s largest private hospital chain, conceals information from the public about his travel.

Governors Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush and Lawton Chiles routinely released those details. Even Scott did until last year when he regularly began using the surveillance exemption. Story here.


No, GOP, Joe Garcia isn't for "cozying up" to Venezuela's regime; he's backing sanctions


Picture_12Blood has spilled in Caracas.  Righteous anger, protests and calls for sanctions abound from Venezuela to Miami-Dade to Washington. 

But it's also election season. And with it comes the temptation to mix blood and politics.

That can be toxic, or at least counterproductive.

And so we come to the Miami-Dade Republican Party's email that says "Our Venezuelan brothers and sisters want and deserve a free and democratic country and the Republican Party stands with them. Unfortunately, Joe Garcia and the Democrats continue a policy of cozying up to America's enemies like Nicolas Maduro and abandoning our freedom-loving allies."

The first sentence is true. Gov. Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio and Lieutenant Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera held a Friday event in Doral that clearly showed the state's GOP leadership supports the cause of Venezuelan liberty and an end to Maduro's reign.

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