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February 11, 2013

How Sen. Bob Menendez helped donor pal --and discouraged Dominican-bound drug-fighting equipment

From the New York Times:

Senator Robert Menendez sought to discourage any plan by the United States government to donate port security equipment to the Dominican Republic, citing concern that the advanced screening gear might undermine efforts by a private company — run by a major campaign contributor and friend of his — to do the work.

The intervention with the Department of Homeland Security last month came even though Mr. Menendez has publicly chastised the Obama administration for not doing more to combat the surging drug traffic moving through Dominican ports.

And it came shortly after the senator’s friend, Dr. Salomon E. Melgen, arranged to meet with a senior State Department official, accompanied by a former aide to Mr. Menendez, in a related push to protect the port security contract, which is worth as much as $500 million over 20 years.

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Jim Greer pleads guilty to four counts of grand theft

Former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer pleaded guilty Monday morning to four charges of grand theft, avoiding trial in a case that could have potentially embarrassed former Gov. Charlie Cristand much of the state’s Republican elite.

Jury selection had been expected to begin this morning.

Instead, Greer stood next to his lawyer Damon Chase a little before 10:30 a.m. and entered guilty pleas as part of a last-minute deal with prosecutors.

Greer decline to comment as he left the courtroom. Said Chase: “Sometimes clearing your name is not as important as taking care of your family.”

As part of the deal, Greer faces a maximum of 42.6 months in prison. Sentencing is scheduled March 27.

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Miami Dolphins under pressure over cost of stadium election

The potential tab for winning Super Bowl 50 continues to grow for Miami-Dade County.

Over the weekend, the Miami Dolphins switched gears and began pushing for a quick referendum on using public dollars for about half of a $400 million renovation of Sun Life Stadium. The team contends the upgrade is key to bringing the 50th Super Bowl to Miami Gardens in 2016. That game will be awarded by May 22, and the Dolphins want Miami-Dade to hold a special countywide election before NFL owners vote.

Holding a special election could cost as much as $5 million, county officials said, and the urgency tied to the Super Bowl contest is sure to put pressure on the Dolphins to compensate Miami-Dade for the expense.

“I’m not at all favorable to the idea of us paying for it,’’ County Commissioner Xavier Suarez said Sunday while describing himself as “heartened” by the Dolphins’ decision to endorse a referendum.

Dolphins executives were mum over the weekend on whether owner Stephen Ross would offer to pay for an election the team has previously resisted, or if they’re aware of a legal way to reimburse the county. Though racetracks paid Broward and Miami-Dade about $7 million as compensation for a 2005 special election on a ballot issue they wanted passed, state law generally bars local governments from taking money for an election.

The rush for a referendum marks a big pivot by a team that has resisted letting the public vote on public funding for Sun Life since it first began lobbying for government help in 2010. And it also puts even more of a spotlight on the potential rewards for hosting the 50th Super Bowl rather than the 52nd or 53rd, since a revamped stadium would probably make Miami Gardens a strong contender for future Super Bowls whenever the upgrade took place.