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Florida Democrats single out Vern Buchanan


The Florida Democratic party is doubling down on criticism of U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, who faces investigations by the IRS, the FBI, the House Ethics Committee, and recently saw a Federal Elections Commission inquiry come to a close.

They're singling out the Florida Republican's participation this weekend in a fundraiser with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who traveled to Sarasota for an event in an exclusive neighborhood.

The Florida Democratic Party released a web video entitled "Will The GOP Stand with Buchanan?" It's made up mostly of news clips about the investigations.

One of the richest members of Congress, Buchanan heads up fundraising for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Its aim is to hold onto the GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

Buchanan, who represents mostly Sarasota and Manatee counties in Congress, called in some of his own local donors to help Boehner raise money for House Republicans running this year. The fundraiser is something of an annual tradition for the two -- Boehner appeared last year at a fundraiser at the same home to help raise money for Buchanan's reelection.


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"Ongoing Scheme". So with how many "ongoing schemes" has Buchanan been involved? Just from what has been posted in the papers the past five years or so, allegations include the following.

allegedly hiring illegal aliens,
allegedly pressuring employees to make contributions to his campaign, and businesses controlled by Buchanan allegedly reimbursing employees for contributions to his campaign.


Is Boehner betting his political capital on backing this guy?

Is this Sarasota-gate in the making.

Time will tell.


Tea Party Patriot knows the truth, its all true and too many people know it!! Go get him, democrats and honest republicans alike. We don't need this garbage in government. He's made his money, now let him run..

Duane overholt

What has not been addressed is the consumer rip off issues exposed by the former employees and their documents. If the consumers saw the documents that showed they were direct victims , then Buchanan would not have the support that Boehner and others are giving him. I have given major internal and external documents to the feds and media. I see no proof that they are even addressing these issues or trying to recovery the possible millions owed the state, federal gov and consumers. When the media and others step up to protect and make aware the deeper issues to the consumers, they as voters will do the rest. Boehner and other republicans should care about the thousands of voters whom bought vehicles from his dealerships. All I ask is for someone to open the door to this issue. All the public has seen is a political battle and not a battle that has directly effected them and their daily lives. The consumer issues directly effects them. I care about the public,I helped start these battles for the consumers, but no else seems to. Is the real battle the breaking of state and federal consumer/banking laws, laws that everyone has promised they would protect the public on. Is the real issues illegally gained revenue, revenue owned to the public. Any other car dealer these issues would be addressed. But, not here. Here is where it should be addressed, because it involves a man whom was elected by the public, public he has sworn to protect and serve. Not to keep unaware that they are victims.

Duane overholt

I offer key documents to Boehner and the House Republicans on Buchanan, if they have courage to protect the public and see the truth, they will take me up on this offer and prevent Buchanan from blocking the exposure of these documents as his lawyers have attempted to do over the past 3 years in my opinion. If they truthly care about the little guys whom buy vehicles this is a chance for them to show us all. If it is politics as usually, protect the upper 1 percent at the expense of the other 99 percent. They will do nothing and continue to claim its a political fight between the republicians and the democratics. Shouldn't the real battles be right and wrong and the enforcement of the currant laws on everyone, no matter of their race, political believes or finanacial status.


I think Mr overholt has his own agenda. That being said it does appear he has valuable information that should be looked at. Why did Vern dump most of his dealerships? And why hasn't the illegal alien issue been addressed? By the way, great stonework at your house Vern. Seek and ye shall find....too many people know the truth. Your legal manuvers can only hide so much. Release your deposition so the public can judge for themselves.

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