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Commissioner Chip LaMarca won't run for Allen West's seat

Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca has decided not to run for Congressional 22 which means former state legislator Adam Hasner has a clear shot on the Republican side.

Hasner was part of the orchestrated switcheroo when U.S. Rep. Allen West decided in January due to redistricting to get out of the Broward-Palm Beach district and run to the north instead, allowing Hasner to drop his U.S. Senate bid and switch to the Congressional race. Prominent Republicans including former Gov. Jeb Bush quickly lined up behind Hasner while LaMarca was mulling over a bid.

LaMarca said that West was the only Republican leader to try to talk him out of running. LaMarca said Wednesday night that money was a factor in his decision not to run but also that he had won his county seat less than two years ago and that it would be disingenous to run for a different office so quickly. LaMarca said that if Hasner asks for his endorsement he will give it to him.

On the Democratic side, Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs and former state legislator/West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel will battle in the primary for the seat that is set to move far more to the left.



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Abercrombie and fitch

Just a question as Florida politics somewhat confuse me. Do you have to reside in the district you represent. I know you do in different states but then I see Allan West who I understood lives in Plantation but does not represent Plantation and is now goign to a different district. Not trying to be a smart a** but could someone explain to me.

Tally Folly

You don't have to live in your district to run for Federal office in fact West doesn't right now as well.


Florida Republicans would vote for Pol Pot if he was picked by the party.

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