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Patrick Murphy to run against Rep. Allen West in new district

Democratic candidate Patrick Erin Murphy announced he's going to challenge Rep. Allen West in the newly proposed 18th congressional district, which includes Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties.
"Allen West can run, but he can't hide,'' Murphy blogged in announcing his decision to pursue West.
West announced last week he was leaving his current 22nd congressional seat, which is being redrawn as more favorable to Democrats as part of the redistricting process, in order to run in the district further north that is being vacated by fellow Republican Tom Rooney, who is going to be running in a different seat further north.

"West abandoned his constituents to seek what he believes is a more politically favorable ground in a neighboring district," Murphy blogged. "Sorry, Allen, there is no safe district for you.

Murphy said he's got support from fellow Democrats, locally and nationally.

His blog: http://patrickmurphy2012.com/node/396

His press release: http://patrickmurphy2012.com/node/393



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Murphy, a PhD, (his Pappa Has the Dough) has done what of any value in his entire life?

Liberals are a cancer on the US. 2012. Cure cancer.

Frank Blank

The little corporal is raising money like crazy. Every rich reactionary across the country who is steadfast in his/its opposition to the majority of Americans will send him a bundle.

Richard Nicoll

The liberals and progressives don't know what to make of Allen West so they refer to him in such a disgusting manner. West is a "mensch" which means a true man, a human being, a person of INTEGRITY and HONOR. I don't know a one democrat that could fill West's shoes. He should have been the first black president not that communist Euro-elite Barck Hussin Obama who is wrecking the US economy.

Doc reeman

West would be the first true black president. What we have now is some guy no one knows much about who says he is half black and half white.

Mary Jan Thrasher

How can West be the First true black president when he doesn't consider himself Black. I think Malcom X has a name for these types of Blacks. West is a muliple choice congressman; he will not give you a straight answer but choices and based on the wind that is his position.


I, who live in the west, will be writing as big a check as I can afford to Mr. Murphy. This cancerous blight on Congress, known as Allen West, needs to be removed.

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