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George LeMieux's "Two-and-a-half Macks" video seeks to make Connie Mack a mockery

In the increasingly tough Republican race for U.S. Senate, George LeMieux released a scorcher of a web video that seeks to make Connie Mack an object of mockery for all his past court troubles (Background story here). Two errors stand out:

1) It says Mack "stiffed his lawyer." She said he didn't. He paid her $30,000 tab after she filed a charging lien

2) It says Mack "failed to pay his child support." Actually, Mack was late with a temporary support payment of about $1,700.

Regardless, the web ad could be the precursor to a devastating line of attack by LeMieux, who's fending off Mack for his role as a top advisor to former Gov. Charlie Crist. It also dovetails with a Super PAC's whack at Mack (here). Right now, this is just baseline chatter, something aimed at the news media, donors and activisits. The question: What happens if LeMieux puts money behind this?



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Gas Can + Match

Lemieux better hope he kills and not wounds the bear. Otherwise, be will be bear poop in Republican circles for the rest of his so-called career.

High stakes attack from a guy who will probably lose. Like his boy Charlie Crist, I guess George doesn't mind completely destroying his own future.

Saving Florida's Future

George LeMieux does not have to try to make a mockery of Connie Mack IV, Connie has done that all on his own throughout his adult life.
He should return to selling chicken wings served by scantily clad women, at that job his foibles might actually be an asset.

so sad

So Mack was in a fight 20+ years ago and got divorced like millions and millions of American. Thanks George for the revelations… Didn’t you know all of this when you support Mack for the State House and Congress???? Absolutely, you did.

Let not let this guys shield his record. George, we will not forget.

Today, George LeMieux Downplays His Ties To Charlie Crist. “I worked for the Governor for a year, in 2007, and we did a lot of good things that year.” (Anthony Man, “George LeMieux’: I’m Not A Charlie Crist Republican” Sun-Sentinel, 4/26/2011)
• “Good Things” Include “A Global Warming Initiative, Felons Voting Rights…” “LeMieux didn’t just advocate for Crist’s policies, he helped shape them. Some are unpopular with conservatives: a global-warming initiative, voting rights for felons, a gaming deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, acceptance of President Barack Obama’s stimulus money, an Everglades land purchase that benefited U.S. Sugar, and expansion of the role of government in the property insurance market.” (Marc Caputo, “LeMieux can’t shake Charlie Crist legacy in Senate bid,” The Miami Herald, 4/24/2011)
• George LeMieux Played A Pivotal Role In Shaping Charlie Crist’s Political Ideals. “LeMieux says he and Crist are both fiscal conservatives and he rejects the ‘moderate’ label. But LeMieux had a role in shaping Crist in that way, as his campaign manager and chief of staff in the early phase of his governorship as Crist was calling for the restoration of felons’ voting rights and emission controls, among other things, that began to antagonize the right.” (Alex Leary, “George LeMieux in awkward spot over Charlie Crist’s Senate decision,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/23/2010)
But Back Then, George LeMieux Called Himself Crist’s “Junior Partner.” “In 2006, LeMieux told the Times how closely he and Crist worked together on policy matters: ‘He’s been the senior partner and I’ve been the junior partner,’ LeMieux said then. ‘We make decisions together.’” (Adam C. Smith and Alex Leary, “As George LeMieux eyes U.S. Senate again, ties to Charlie Crist linger,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/6/2011)
Charlie Crist Called George LeMieux The “Maestro” Of His 2006 Gubernatorial Campaign. “Crist gave LeMieux another title in his victory speech Tuesday…’Some campaigns have an architect. This campaign had a maestro,’ Crist said.” (Joe Follick, “Crist’s victory gives manager political power,” Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 11/10/2006)
In February 2009 George LeMieux Publicly Defended Crist’s Embrace Of President Obama’s Stimulus. “Mr. GEORGE LEMIEUX: Well, I think that’s easy rhetoric to say, well, we don’t like this and we don’t want to take this money. Call me back if one of those governors doesn’t take it. ALLEN: LeMieux says a lot of the sniping at the governor comes from political rivals, people who might oppose him in a future run for the Senate, for example.” (NPR, 2/19/2009)
In August 2009 Charlie Crist Appointed George LeMieux As Interim U.S. Senator, A Move Widely Criticized By Both Republicans And Democrats As Cronyism. “Mr. Crist is running for Senate in his own right next year, and he faces a primary challenge from former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, who called the choice of Mr. LeMieux ‘disappointing.’ Democrats called it ‘political cronyism’ and it’s hard to disagree. Florida voters have a right to expect more than a mini-me appointee to serve for 16 months in what could be a momentous Congress. Mr. Crist’s Senate choice is another reason to wonder if his principles extend beyond his own political ambitions.” (Editorial, “Charlie Crist Lite,” Wall Street Journal, 8/31/2009)

Ayatollah George

What is wrong with chicken wings sold by scantily clad women? This is America, not Iran.

Hooters is a Florida-based company that has made many millions of dollars for this state.

Lemieux must be going for the prude vote.


Is it possible for people in politics to remotely appear to be a adults?

thuong mai dien tu

I prefer George's experience over Mack's sense of entitlement. I felt George did a great job, filling in for Mel Martinez, and showed a great deal of integrity supporting Marco Rubio over Governor Crist.

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