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Casino boss Adelson: I might give $100m to Newt, other Republican


Sheldon Adelson plays as stubbornly in politics as he does in business. So the criticisms that he’s trying to personally buy the presidential election for Newt Gingrich are met with a roll of the eyes. “Those people are either jealous or professional critics,” Adelson tells me during his first interview since he and his wife began funneling $11 million, with another $10 million injection widely expected, into the former speaker’s super PAC, Winning Our Future. “They like to trash other people. It’s unfair that I’ve been treated unfair—but it doesn’t stop me. I might give $10 million or $100 million to Gingrich.”

Adelson, 78,  certainly can afford to: With a net worth of roughly $25 billion, that $11 million, which jolted Gingrich’s flatlining presidential bid back to life, equates to 0.044% of his fortune. For someone with a $1 million net worth, the equivalent would be $440, or a two-night stay at Adelson’s Venetian casino. Adelson could personally fund an entire presidential campaign—say, $1 billion or so—and not even notice.

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Albert Reyes

This is NUTS! With so much that needs to be done in this country. I don’t care if it’s Adelson’s money on the Right or Soros money on the Left what has happened to the democratic process in this country? There should be Public funding of Federal elections and a shortened election cycle. This state by state pandering in the primaries is idiotic. In the days before the internet and mass media I can see the necessity of candidates traveling the country by bus, and trains to meet Americans. But now?

If Americans choose to be more interested in how many points Jeremy Lin scored last night, that’s their right. They have easy access to be informed by going on line. Similarly, they can be just as informed and educated on line or thru a scheduled debates. We have a perfect forum for this. It’s called PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) that we all pay for.

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