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Voice of FIU football joins team Newt Gingrich

The Newt Gingrich camp announced its "Florida Faith Leaders Coalition" Wednesday, and among the list a local is a well-known voice -- literally.

Longtime conservative Spanish-language radio talk show host Tony Calatayud is also the voice of Florida International University's football team.

For the full list, see after the jump.

Newt 2012 Announces Florida Faith Leaders Coalition

Atlanta, GA-Newt 2012 has announced its Florida Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition.

The Honorable Kurt Kelly, who served as a State Representative for Marion County, is leading the coalition. The coalition will spearhead faith outreach and events leading up to the Florida primary and for the general election. The coalition will join the national coalition, led by George Barna, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Jim Garlow, Don Wildmon, J.C. Watts, and Richard Lee.

“I am excited to see the momentum from Florida faith leaders building around my campaign,” Newt Gingrich said. “They will be instrumental in helping us win the state and join our rapidly growing coalition.”

The members announced today include:

Mat Staver-LibertyCounsel (Orlando)

Bruce O’Donoghue-Florida Family Policy Council (Orlando)

Tony Calatayud-Conservadores (Miami)

Pastor Steve Alessi-Metro Life Church (Casselberry)

The Hon. John Grant-Former State Senator

Pastor Pablo Lago-Comunidad Christiana Roca Firme (Miami)

Pastor Mario Bramnick-New Wine Ministries (Ft. Lauderdale)

Pastor Mario Bramnick-BrowardPastors Network (Ft. Lauderdale)

Pastor Don Lynch-Freedom House (Jacksonville)

Pastor Ken Malone-Forerunner Ministries (Champions Gate)

Dr. Mark Chironna-The Master's Touch International Church (Longwood)

Pastor Rick Wilson-RevivalOutreach Center (Brandon)

Pastor Mike Thomas-Praise Cathedral (Pinellis Park)

Pastor Rick Curry-Kingsway Church (Pensacola)

Pastor Chris Mathis-Fresh Anointing House of Prayer (Crestview)

Pastor Danny Venkler-Messiah's House (Panama City)

Eddie Calcines-Christian Businessman (Tampa)


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I have tried to understand some of the background of those who are running for the presidency. It seems nothing else matters except a promise by a candidate to turn this economy around. As this is the major issue of our day it is good to nominate a genuine conservative who meant what he says. Character, integrit matters as almost all of the candidates' agree on conservative values. The concentration and the fad for now is on Newt and also on Mitt. These two guys say anything to get elected. After the last CNN debate in SC, Newt said to Anderson Cooper "John King did a good job". ON Fox news he said "Cnn action was dispicable". Newt changed church three time and he has now his third wife. So many individuals advised him to reinvent himself - which he is trying to do. He is well known for his irratic character. Why should we take a risk in the general election by nominating either Mitt or Newt? BHO with his miillions if not billions of dollars coud bring them down due to their political baggages and unlikability. There is on candidate who talked the talk and walked the walk when it comes to conservative values. He is Santorum. His sound economic policy is admired by the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch of Fox News said "Santorum is the one with big ideas". he sis the one who has a bold economic plan than Romney and others. His emphasis on manufacturing policy is what we need to turn our economy around. Our Country's loss of its manucaturing base is worrisome. We have become a consumer nation. Let us vote for this man of great integrity and character and likability. These factors wth conservative philosophy would be the winner in the general election. Vote for Santourm if we want BHO to be a one term president.


I watched Santorum while he was debating on the Senate floor about the sanctity of the family and social values (such as abortion, marriage between a man and a woman, partial birt abortion, welfare reform etc). He got more than 75% of evanlgelical leaders' votes when they met in Houstan Texas. They reached to this conclusion on their third votes after evaluation of all the candidates background. Beside law, political training, santorum has MBA like Mitt. Relatively speaking, he has an impeccable record. Conservatives in SC reacted when CNN brought up about Newt's infidelity (two divorces due to infidelity). The Public's negative reaction towards the left leaning media is a positive step. However, conservatives should not forget about their values. By sympathising for Newt and voting for him, it is unfair to have the genuine conservative - Santorum -penalized. There has to be a balance between our sympathy for a candiadte and conserving our values. Santorum has 7 children and one wife. Because of the mistakes made by both ABC and CNN, let us not forget the moral value behind those questions. remeber his family friendly and manufacturing policies which is very much admired.

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