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Video: School Prayer Debate

Senators square off before the vote on a controversial bill that would help allow students to pray at school events.


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Luke Thomas

This also means Satanists can do a black mass during school activities too.

Luke Thomas

Different strokes for different folks-there are a lot of pagans and Satanists who would love to do a black mass during games and school activities.


Thanks for nice video share of school prayer......

Swag Master

I personally feel that Satanists shouldnt be discriminated against. I know a few who are definetely more respectful than most Christians. It doesnt matter the religion, or the ceremonies they want to do, (unless its sacrificing a child to summon a demon, that definetely shouldnt be in schools) but if you are going to create a certain time to pray, you shouldnt have a rule about what religions can be practiced in that time.

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