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Rubio on CBS declares Florida key to primary, hedges after critique of Gingrich ad

Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on CBS This Morning and was asked about his criticism of Newt Gingrich's ad calling Mitt Romney "anti-immigrant," a reference to Romney's harder line on illegal immigration. Rubio said Gingrich was correct to withdraw the ad.

But if he had room to lay on more criticism, Rubio did not take it. "I've known speaker Gingrich a long time. I'm an admirer of his," he said. "I think he made the right choice and I think he has a very positive message to offer -- not just to Hispanics, by the way, but all Americans and all Floridians."

Rubio declined to say which candidate appeals more to Hispanics, deemed the race "close" and brushed off the VP question.


-- Alex Leary


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