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Q Poll: Dead heat in Fla

Newt Gingrich's big South Carolina primary win last weekend helped wipe away Mitt Romney's double digit lead in Florida, where the two are now neck and neck, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds.
The Jan. 19 - 23 poll found Mitt Romney with 36 percent support, Newt Gingrich with 34 percent, Rick Santorum with 13 percent and Ron Paul with 10 percent. The More than one in three likely Republican voters said they could change their mind before the Jan. 31 primary.

"Florida is essentially a dead heat and a two-man race between Gov. Mitt Romney and Speaker Newt Gingrich entering the last week of the campaign," said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "Gingrich's South Carolina victory clearly gives him a boost in Florida. The question is whether there is more of that to come, or whether any bump from a previous victory will dissipate as happened to Rick Santorum in New Hampshire after winning Iowa and Romney in South Carolina after taking New Hampshire," Brown added.

Romney is viewed by more likely primary voters as best able to handle the economy and most sharing voters' values, while Gingrich is seen by more voters as having the knowledge and experience to be president, being a strong leader and better at handling foreign policy.

Gingrich gets 37 percent of men to 33 percent for Romney, while Romney is ahead 38 - 31 among women. Gingrich leads among white evangelical Christians 43 - 30 percent and among those who consider themselves to be tea party supporters 43 - 28 percent. Each makes up roughly a third of primary voters although there is substantial overlap among those two groups.

Romney is viewed more favorably, 71 - 19 percent, than is Gingrich, at 61 - 26 percent. Here again, Gingrich does better among voters polled after the South Carolina victory. Santorum gets a 58 - 13 percent favorability rating, while Paul gets a negative 36 - 40 percent score.

"Newt Gingrich's edge is that he is the candidate with momentum and the one viewed as best on a host of issues and characteristics important to voters. Romney, however, holds the potential trump card that on the question most important to voters - who can best fix the economy - he is seen as the best candidate," said Brown.


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The main reason we are in trouble worldwide is because there are people who think Paul is wrong. You get the government and economy you deserve, and currently we obviously do not deserve better. Until voters come to their senses, things will not get better.

They are coming around, and most of these people in the race have already adopted much of Paul's platform - so Paul is leading these men to a better place. However, they are still thinking it is a great idea to take out a new loan to start a new war - the voters are so far voting for this BRILLIANT idea. Until they can follow Paul further in the right direction (not borrowing money from China to start a new war), then they are going in the wrong direction again.


Loser vs. Loser.


Gingrich is typical Washington insider.

Ran amock as Speaker and forced to resign over ethics issues.

Stayed on government gravy train as lobbyist for Freddie Mac.

Left not one, but TWO sick wives for mistresses before "finding" religion.

Gave speeches in favor of Cap & Trade and even sat with Nancy Pelosi to support the issue.

If he was ever given presidential power, his huge ego would bring out this true maniac. But be sure that Obama and his political machine would hammer all these points and bring more skeletons out of the closet before that happens. A vote for Ginrgich is a vote for Obama's second term.


The left sure does fear Romney.... almost funny in a way.


Its not a dead heat Gingrich is leading

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