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Newt Gingrich: elites foreclosed on Floridians, used $ to help Romney in 'desperate last stand'

Speaking in friendly territory -- before a tea party crowd of about 500 in Central Florida's bucolic Mount Dora -- the former House Speaker savaged Mitt Romney, the campaign ads that have been pillorying Gingrich across the state -- and his own Republican party.

Gingrich wasted little time in criticizing Romney as he took to the stage with his wife, Calista, decrying the "attack ads and all sorts of junk" and charging that Romney is hypocritical for attacking him for Freddie Mac when he has stock in it.

"He thinks we're going to back down, I don't think so," he said. 

"This is the desperate last stand of the old order, throwing the kitchen sink, hoping something sticks because if only they can drown us in enough mud -- raised with money from companies and people who foreclosed on Floridians," he said. He charged Romney and his super PAC ads were "paid for with the money taken from the people of Florida, by companies like Goldman Sachs."

The Romney campaign issued an all-caps email with the headline and subtitle that read: "UNHINGED: DR. NEWT AND MR. HYDE...GINGRICH LEADS “OCCUPY MOUNT DORA"

But Gingrich, who had been surging in the Florida polls, said the race is now "very close" and that he believes the "weight of the negative ads" and what he called Romney's "dishonesty," had "hurt us some."

He called on the tea partiers to start working harder. "This group alone is big enough to start to turn this around," he said, declaring he wouldn't allow the "monied interests" to defeat him.

Gingrich is clearly banking on support from Florida's tea party -- which helped elect Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in 2010 and he thanked the crowd, some of whom wore tea party t-shirts.

"I think you represent citizens who are sick and tired of being told by Washington what to do and sick and tired of watching your country decay because the power structure in Washington doesn't want to make any changes," he said. "They would rather manage the decay as long as they stay in charge. We're here to tell them that their time is over."

He accused Romney of hypocrisy, charging that Romney owns "lots of stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac," "lots of stock in a Goldman Sachs unit "that was explicitly  foreclosing on Floridians" and is "surrounded by lobbyists" who defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, yet has built "his entire negative campaign in Florida around a series of ads that are just plain false.

"They're counting on us being too stupid or too timid," he said. 

He also railed against the GOP establishment, calling it "just as much an establishment as the Democratic establishment.

"And they are just as determined to stop us," he said. "Make no bones about it, this is a campaign for the very nature of the Republican party and the very opportunity for a citizen conservatism to defeat the power of money and to prove that people matter more than money than Wall Street and people matter more than all the big companies that are pouring cash into Romney ads that are false."

He says he ran an entirely positive campaign and was "drowned in a sea of mud" in Iowa, "mud paid for with special interest money...and a candidate who is willing to say anything and do anything to be president that the truth doesn't matter."

He said the GOP can't beat Obama with a candidate "who has Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Island accounts.."

He charged Romney with looking to masquerade as a conservative, noting that when he was "workingwith Ronald Reagan, Romney "was a money making independent" who voted for Massachusetts Sen. Paul Tsongas.

"The message we should give Mitt Romney is 'We aren't that stupid and you aren't that clever," he said.

He defended his work for Freddie Mac, saying the "only thing I ever did that was publicly recorded...was to tell the House Republicans to vote no, don't give them any money."

He saved a little of his pique for President Obama and Democrats saying they "either doesn't know what he's saying or they just don't care what damage they're doing to the economy."

--Lesley Clark


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Look, it's very simple - Newt Gingrich can not become President. Why? BECAUSE HE'S NEWT FREAKIN' GINGRICH! Enough with this guy. It's over. It must be stopped. He is already starting to use the death of Bin Laden AGAINST Obama. He is using Mitt Romney's business success AGAINST him. He is a sad little man who must just go away and write history books that revise American history to include himself. The world does not need or want Newt Gingrich in any position of power because that would be truly frightening.


JC Planas

I continue to be surprised by how Newt Gingrich stretches the truth. He has continuously stated in debates that he is a "Reagan" Conservative and he helped Ronald Reagan pass his agenda. It’s all bunk. Check out this piece in the National Review:

Here, it describes how Newt criticized Reagan on the floor of the House.

More importantly, watch this video where Newt says that George H.W. Bush would lose the 1988 Presidential Election if he ran as a continuation of the Reagan era. http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/newt-gingrich-in-1988-bush-wont-win-if-he-runs-t

The bottom line is that Newt is not a conservative. Newt is not a liberal or moderate either. Newt's core ideology is that he thinks he is the smartest guy to ever run for office and anyone who doesn't believe it is wrong. That's not the way to run for office and it's definitely not the way to be President. Romney should just stop attacking Newt and just let him implode just like he did in 1998.

American Who Cares

Here's Nancy Reagan endorsement of NEWT Gingrich for all Mitt supporters here:


Steve Thompson

Made up news, polling numbers, fabricated surges, don't expect democracy to prevail. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren't in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

Rich B

How does Newt get away with this crap? He only took $1.6 million from Freddy to tell the GOP congress not to give them money????? Really, Newt?
Who does he think "the monied are?" At $6-11million, I'd say he is part of the monied crowd.
And, he talks about "Washington" as if he didn't spend 30 years feeding off the Federal teat.

He just says the most insane crap as if it is true and cast in stone. Unbelievable.


"when he was 'working with Ronald Reagan,' Romney 'was a money making independent'"

Or...when Newt was criticizing Reagan's foreign policy for speaking with Gorbachev, Romney was doing something useful...creating wealth.

C'mon Florida, don't get suckered in by Newt Gingrich. This is a guy who had to brand his campaign as the "New Newt"...at nearly 70 years old he's trying to completely reinvent himself once again since he knows he has to run and hide from the "Old Newt."

John Hein

The truth about Newt, the true Regan conservative:




These bozos only represents the plutocrats that are behind the curtain. 4 bozos hand picked by themselves to represent their rich friends are not representing us. We the main street.

I will vote for myself.

John Hein

Romney can't point to one single conservative legislative accomplishment in his entire career. HE IS A LIBERAL. Actually, a progressive in his own words.

check the facts

First of all, Newsmax is not a real news organization, its more of a Newt organization. Second, that video was in 1995 when Newt was Speaker and sitting right there. What else was Nancy going to say. Lastly, Newt is there with Maryanne and he was already having the affair with Callista. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


every time newt opens his mouth something comes out thats either a complete lie, history rewritten, or just plain silly. but some people actually believe that stuff i guess.


Micheal Reagan fifteen minutes ago on Fox News calls Newt a Reagonite and Mitt a Rockafellian.


Romney has had his investments in a blind trust account. That means that he doesn't pick what to buy or sell, he hires someone that he thinks will do a good job investing his money and then is not allowed to have any say over which investment to pick/sell/hold ect. It has been that way since 2008 election time. Newt is reaching rediculously. I hope that Florida will be insightful enough to see it and shoot his bid for presidence down!!! Florida let us down last election and now we are stuck with Obama.

Bill O

Sheep lie. So does Newt.


Can we get Newt on Obama's campaign? There is nobody better at taking apart the GOP. Romney is being "Newtered" before our very eyes.

TZA Pittsburgh

They are all full of it and bend the truth.

I wish we could get some one who 1) is new to washington and 2) has a net worth under a million dollars.


Newt supported the DEATH PENALTY for possessing 2 oz's of marijuana. Nuff said.


These guys all looked to be bought and paid for by Big Business except for Ron Paul, and who can be sure about him. Paul's supposed to be "unelectable," like that right-wing movie actor with the nutty rhetoric who ran for President in 1980. One GOP establishment opponent in '80 bashed Reagan as being a proponent of "voo-doo economics."
Sterling Greenwood/AspenFreePress

Ronald R.

It is amazing how much the establishment fears Newt. The Washington politicians fear Newt because instead of short-term continuing budget resolutions, he offers a long-term vision. On issues like immigration and taxes, he offers a common sense approach with practical solutions. These establishment Republicans controlled the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court under George W. Bush and screwed up the country. Let's try a genuine conservative for a change. No one cares what you have to say Anne Coulter.

Corvus Rabiatus

@Bill O:
You Give Newt too much credit.
Sheep are useful, pleasant and living creatures.
Rugs on the other hand are inanimate collectors of dust, grime and other detritus and they also lie.
Newt rugs.

Jose Wallastein

Both Greenrich and Ro-mo-money are unelectable...why? Both are rich white out of touch idiots trying to convince us Latinos they care, when they are ready to f##k us at a whim should it suit them, Puttas!


There is NO WAY the American public will elect a adulterer + mistress to the White House...However, ironically, the evangelicals might try by voting for Newt...


PS I don't care how much money my candidate has. Too me, if you work in the private sector you should try to make as much money as legally possible.


"Romney has had his investments in a blind trust account. That means that he doesn't pick what to buy or sell, he hires someone that he thinks will do a good job investing his money and then is not allowed to have any say over which investment to pick/sell/hold ect."

He does not control his pac ads either.......NOT!

Bill Drury

I was on the ground knocking doors in South Carolina leading up to the election, and no one in the media is talking about what I think is the single biggest factor contributing to Newt's victory: Mitt Romney's faith.

My assignment in SC was to knock doors to speak with voters who had previously identified as undecided or leaning toward Mitt Romney. Most of those I spoke to who flipped away from Romney in favor of Gingrich agreed they thought Romney was more electable. Not one indicated that she cared about Romney releasing his tax returns. Almost every single person who would share with me her reason for voting for Gingrich cited Mitt Romney's faith as the principle factor. In fact, even those who supported Mitt Romney would often tell me they did so in spite of his faith.

South Carolina shifted the momentum--no question. But Newt has not magically transformed himself from unelectable to electable. He is still an adulterer, he is still unethical, and the Democrats would still prefer to run against him rather than Romney. Mitt lost because South Carolinians were searching hard for an alternative, not based on legitimate policy differences, but based on a deep-seated and generational bias against Mormons. Unfortunately, few are willing to be candid about this bias with the media, and the media is therefore not accurately reporting about what I believe actually happened.

Maybe South Carolina demonstrated that Mitt Romney is not as electable as the public was beginning to think. Maybe Romney's faith really is an insurmountable obstacle. (I tend to believe that evangelicals will vote against Obama regardless.) But Gingrich's victory in South Carolina absolutely does not speak to his electabilty in a general election. Rather, it shows that evangelicals will vote for almost anyone (other than President Obama) to avoid voting for a Mormon.


Every time I hear Newt speak I am reminded of one of the songs from the old musical Chicago: "Give em the old razzle dazzle." He loves to tap dance and not confront the many progressive positions he has taken in his past. Mind you, he does put on a good show none too unlike a political Liberace. And the audience (our electorate), as is often the case, laps it up and would rather have the entertainment, not the truth. Let's hope truth is of "primary" consideration in the most critical election of our lifetime.


Is there any real substantial difference between these two candidates? It's the pot calling the kettle black. Do we have to believe that no one else can win the nomination? What about Ron Paul. He is on all 50 ballots and isn't quitting like Santorum soon will. Vote for Ron Paul, if only to send a message that we won't tolerate these two disgraceful men.


A Whole NEWT World:

If Newt can dismantle Romney's more liberal Romneycare, he'll have no trouble with Obamacare. Maybe Obama replaces Biden with Romney for the VP slot? No one would notice.

Your Mom

Romney is full of lies and decet...i can't stand these f'n lies about newt. Typical of a socialist supporter!

Jose Wallastein

If you are Latino and are dumb enough to vote for either of these two puttas, then your no different than those tea party white folks who are oh so willing to lynch you, deport you, imprison you and your relatives. Wake up hemano, these two are the two biggest diablos you have ever come across. They are willing to crucify Christ to get elected. Seriously, do you really think their message is the message of Christ? Calling to poor lazy? Saying 300,000 is small change? Really? How can you sit there and argue which one of these two imbeciles is worth your vote? F##K them both!


The GOP nominations process has officially become is a four ring circus.


I'm happy to see that people are realizing that Newt has a great plan to help bring our country back to the people. Obama wants to have control over every aspect of our lives and Mitt is just full of hot air trying to bash Newt instead of talking about what his plan is. He thinks that his money can buy his nomination. He's flooding the minds of people with negative attacks but I believe that most people can see through all of that. Let's stop all of the bashing. That is easy. We want to know what a potential presidents plan is. Newt keeps trying to outline his ideas but Mitt keeps trying to bash.

Jose Wallastein

Uh, Mr. tea potty, we are not supporting gangrenerich or Ro-mo-money...we HATE them both:)

Chris Yates

NEWT2012! He is the best candidate bar-none. Heis amazing. Maybe you guys should listen to him speak.

Jose Wallastein

We do, and all we hear is more hot air....he needs to go find someone else to f##k with;)

Jose Wallastein

What gingrich hasn't found another aide to "calm" his anxiety yet?:)

What Ro-mo-money still think 300,000 is a "small sum?"


Fact: the ONLY recent President who actually achieved a budget surplues was Bill Clinton. Fact: During his presidency Ronald Reagan achieved the largest Deficit of all prior presidents. Hypocricy: Both of these candidates claim to manage the budget like Reagan; neither one credits the better fiscal policies of Clinton. Conclusion: Anyone who believes the Republican candidates will balance the budget are believing a fantasy. When I want to vote for a balanced budget I shall support whichever candidate gives balanced-budget credit where credit is due. Any other candidate is blowing smoke, in my opinion.


I love a handsome man!

American Idiot

Doo-sh bag or a turd sandwich? and "American"^^ did you read any of the previous comments?

Kaleb Shumway

I don't think Gingrich is electable. In a world where something you say can risk the lives of American's abroad, why would we want a guy that is so volatile? I'm not saying we should calm down our rhetoric, boldness is good. But it's calculated boldness that makes a difference, not the kind that illicit negative incitement. Those implications reach deep into either working to foster positive change in a country with a liberal media, working with Congress, or the realities of foreign policy. If his own party drove him out of his role of speaker during the apex of his political career, what makes you think he's going to engender unity in an all ready internally fractured legislative branch? We don't need further diviciveness simply in the Republican Party itself. America can't afford it during our ultimate need for resolve.


Newt has become Bizarro. Listen to him whine about negative ads while he makes entire negative movies. He is no less guilty of negativity and maybe moreso than anyone running. He is playing the class warfare card, and has these people buffaloed into thinking that he is somehow with them... as a "Washington outsider" and he is taking it to the establishment for them. Rah, rah, rah. Too bad it's all bovine scatalogical bunk!


Gingrich is going to Hollywood with his divorces, his cheating ways, and adultress wife. I hear he is mooning everyone,he will fit right in with Hollywood. Maybe we could set him up in a Hollywood White House when he wins the election, right next to SWARZTCHEATER.


You damm Romney Puppets. Are you telling me you can't see through his plastic phoney ass? Newt is clearly the only one that can whoop obama's ass on live tv during a presidential debate. That time just can't get here fast enough for me. I am SO looking forward to seeing obama up on that stage looking stupid after Newt gets done with his ass. GO NEWT GO!!!!!!!!


It is really a shame there was not a minimum IQ limit required for voting. It is downright scarey that some people have the ideas in their heads they spout in some of the posts above, and worse yet, that they use that as a reason for voting (or not) for a particular candidate.

And if I hear one more person saying "Romney is trying to buy the election" (just because he is rich (they all are). No one, has EVER "bought" an election. It doesn't work and for Gingrich to use this against Romney is precious. Check out http://www.opensecrets.org people and wake up.


wake up Romney is as phoney and plastic as they come!!!

Kaleb Shumway

I couldn't agree with you more allenk. Super interesting logic.


Yes Romney is rich, but JFK was too, his father was the richest man in America at the time.

Tony N

as bad as the RINOS are being to NEWT I think I will vote for Obama !!!!!


I don't know about you guys but I kinda like the fact that Newt went against his own party myself. Thats a good thing in my opinion lol We need him to do that more often and against Washington. That should be the REAL answer right there! It isn't about your damm party its about the american people this time damm it! Screw the partys. His own party don't want him in there because that goes against their corrupt interests. Isn't that what we want? Or more of the same with Romney? There isn't much difference between Romney and Obama in my book. They are scared of Newt because they know Obama will loose. Romney they know will cave on everything. In my opinion Romney is no different the MCCain running against Obama. But hey, if you want Obama re-elected another 4 years then by all means vote for Romney

Dieter Gumbinger

When I was a little boy in Germany, Hitler and Goebbels used their Stormtroopers to shout and boo them to power. When I watched the Debate in South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) I was reminded of these times. The radical Tea Party members are Newt's Stormtroopers.
I am scared and hope that the Tea Party Members come to their senses before their destroy the Republican Party and my beloved USA.


Thats the stupidist thing I think I have read on here!

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