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Newt Gingrich bashes the Charlie Crist-ites in Mitt Romney's shop

ST. PETERSBURG — Newt Gingrich stepped onto a podium at the Tick Tock Restaurant with a hometown message.

"As many of you know Jose Mallea is helping us with our campaign. He was Marco Rubio's campaign manager. We discovered last night that Mitt Romney has picked up Charlie Crist's campaign people," he said to yelps and a few boos. "That sort of tells you everything you needed to know about this contest."

Yes, Crist is still a whipping boy in Republican circles, though he turned out for Monday night's debate.

And, to be fair, Romney has some anti-Crists in his campaign: namely Alberto Martinez and Brett Doster, Florida advisers who worked for Crist's 2006 Republican opponent Tom Gallagher. Doster managed one of now Sen. Marco Rubio's political committees, and Martinez is part of Rubio's inner-circle.

Also, Gingrich praised Crist, once an immensely popular governor, at one point as well (video below). And Mallea once worked for Crist when he was education commissioner in Florida.

Still, a top former Crist adviser, Stuart Stevens, is the top adviser for Romney along with others we had mentioned earlier. NewsMax raised the issue today. And the pro-Gingrich Super Pac Winning Our Future might run ads linking Romney and Crist, perhaps featuring Stevens.

"The only person who would care is my mother," Stevens joked last night, "because she likes to see me on TV."

On Tuesday, Gingrich cast Romney as "pretty liberal" given past positions on gay rights, abortion and gun control. But he devoted much of his speech before a packed crowd to President Barack Obama, casting him as a big government radical. "I would like to run a candidate this fall in which we have a job and paycheck candidate vs. a dependency and food stamp candidate."

"Obama lives in a fantasy land," Gingrich said. "He has no notion of how complicated the world is. He has no ability to deal with how hard the problems are."

The biggest cheer came when Gingrich said he would ask Congress — "We need to defeat Bill Nelson," he said — to repeal "Obamacare."

Eventually, he focused on Romney, who has opened up a blistering assault on Gingrich to stop his surge.

"The division is real clear: You can't have a debate between Obamacare and Romneycare because they are too close together," Gingrich said, ignoring his past support for an individual mandate.

"Gov. Romney will have vastly more money than I will," Gingrich said, but suggested he has more grassroots support. "People power beats money power every time."

-- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times


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Sam Osborne

Dub, flub and flubdub---now mainstream Republicans know how to negate Newt’s capacity to play to the mean spirit of his few but loud lynch-mob attendees---mute the mikes of the cheap seats in the audience.

When the cowardly inclined cannot get their hot air pumped into a blowtorch by a jeering mob, they are quickly looked upon as a loathsome inconsequential that is easily avoided. And the harsh voices of echoed support also fade away as rapidly as do the would-be sources that can no longer hide in a thinning throng.

Like Speaker Newt's henchmen in the House, with derisive dismissal they soon mumbled in total disinterest, “Newt who?”

Joe Goldstein

To my fellow dedicated Americans concerned about the direction of this nation. I am confident that when you vote in this upcoming primary election you will vote to support the constitution that so many generations before us have given their lives to defend. I know you understand the problems before us which must be solved, and the painful truths in those solutions. Like those many patriots of our past, I am sure we will rise to this occasion and show the world that we; the American people, have not lost control of our government, that we do not blindly follow media direction, and that our military strength will no longer be used to invade other nations sovereign in their right to defense . We will demonstrate to the world by our actions that we are a peaceful people, and when the chips are down, Americans pull together not as Democrats or Republicans, but as American citizens defending the aspirations of our forefather's, taking to task what those generations to come later will call, "Our greatest moment".
I am positive that one day we will look back at these most troubling times that have befallen our nation and proudly know that we had the courage to support Ron Paul, the man who inspired all Americans to defend their constitution, and reminded us all of our God given greatness.


I'm not a fan of any candidate right now... I can't decide which one I like. But one thing is for absolute certain, Newt is a lying piece of crap that doesn't know how to stop. I'm quite convinced that he doesn't even know what truth is anymore because he has lied so much that it's truth to him.

This is a man that while trying to impeach Clinton, Newt was being investigated for ethics violation as Speaker of the house. Speaker of the House is 2nd in line to become President if something were to happen to the President and VP. As 2nd in line... he wad ETHICS VIOLATIONS AGAINST HIM!!! He didn't resign because of bad numbers... he was FORCED to resign because of ETHICS VIOLATIONS!!

Okay, he cheated on his wife, asked for forgiveness. He cheated on his wife again... asked for forgiveness. Then he tried to make money through charities. And apparently he has been caught doing it again: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/newt-gingrich-charity-paid-cash-gingrich-profit-business/story?id=13804431#.Tx7g6KXlNCA

Newt Gingrich can NOT be trusted. Not for a second... no way. A leopard can't change its spots... A snake doesn't just go from a snake to being a rabbit... Newt is a liar, a fraud and a disgrace to the GOP and to our nations political system. I cannot believe that the GOP is even allowing this guy to run for president after being an eyelash away from the presidency before and couldn't handle it then... ETHICS VIOLATION. This is not about forgiveness... it's about trust. Can you trust a repeat offender? Are you honestly willing to trust a man with ethics violations hanging over his head in order to get Obama out of office, which BTW won't happen with Newt. But are we that desperate? But of course I'm sure it's the media's fault... blah blah blah. The guy can't take some responsibility for his actions either. Blame the media... the big bad media. The people drive the media Newt! I will never ever vote for Newt... ever.


If you have questions concerning the LDS faith, then you should visit the website at Mormon.org. All of your questions or concerns will be answered. Those who believe that we are not Christians is unfathomable.

Don Jacobs

Mormans Aren't Christians "CAL".Look it up.Old Testament-Proverbs 30:5-Every Word of God is Pure:he is a sheild unto them that put their trust in him.ADD thou Not unto His Words Lest he reprove thee and be found A LIAR.New Testament..Galatians 1:6-9..And as we said before,So say I now again,If ANY Man PREACH another Gospel unto you than which Ye have received,LET HIM BE ACCURSED.. Read it Cal..Their are alot more verses backing those up.The bible says STUDY to Show Thyself Approved Unto God>>


No-one yet pointed out that Gingrich is 68 and very overweight. Bullies that age and that shape aren't equipped for leadership.

The American system has once more painted itself into a corner.

You need to find some better way of electing a leader for the greatest nation on earth.

Cindy Kellman

There's no shortage of government poster here trying to create the perception of public opinion. A military coup d'etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his teleprompter?

This is the real story that the media is not and cannot report on. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government. There is no democracy.



Hey Don - the Bible is awesome and speaks the word of God. But does it only speak to your religion, your gospel, or to all those who believe on him? From what I read, it asks that "all" come to Christ - Baptist, Mormons, Lutherans, Catholics, etc. Oh and it was he that commanded us to love one another even as He. Don't judge me bro - there's only One that can do that!
Back to our current reality: Newt lies and has no experience with employment of Americans.


NEWT 2012!!!

As I look at the discussions on the internet, all I seem to see are Ad-Hominem attacks and arguments made With Zero Substance. If someone asks me, "Why do you support Newt Gingrich?" It's easy for me to respond....

1) Gingrich on Social Security (Present): Newt will seperate Social Security from the General Budget to protect our seniors. He points out that there is over $2 Trillion Dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund. With that amount of money already set aside for Social Security, its almost Treasonous when someone like Barak Obama threatens that the "Checks may not go out" if his current agenda isn't achieved.

1a) Gingrich on Social Security (Future): Imagine being able to opt-in to a Private Social Security fund that grows similar to a 401k. Not only would you receive over 3x what the current system pays, you would actually OWN your Social Security Account. When you pass away you can actually Leave Your Own Social Security fund to your children. EVERYONE would actually have an Estate to pass on to their families.

2) Gingrich on Corporate Taxes: Gingrich would lower the corporate tax rate to 15% Across the board while eliminating loop-holes for companies like GE that allows them to make Billion$ while paying nothing in corporate taxes. This is a true pro-growth platform.

3) Gingrich on Balancing the Budget: There is no other candidate who can say they have experience balancing the Federal Budget. Gingrich was able to work across the isle in the 90's to balance the Budget with Bill Clinton. He has a record of getting things done, enough said.

4) Gingrich on National Defense: If you've heard Gingrich Speak, you KNOW he's Brilliant when it comes to his Depth of Knowledge and historical perspective on defense. Gingrich plans to engage our enemies (and yes, Wrong Paul, we do have enemies) with a Reagan-Style Cold War Approach. One of the single greatest things Ronald Reagan achieved was to stand up to the Soviet Empire and speak truth to power. We don't need to make apologies for American Exeptionalism and, as President, Newt Gingrich will make no apologies.

.... The list goes on and on, but these are just some take-aways from the Gingrich Town hall. The media and Washington E$tablishment want to nominate FLIP ROMNEY because they are scared of real change. Gingrich is the only candidate with the intelligence, courage, and bold leadership that stands ready to lead our country out of the dark.

NEWT 2012!!

Sam Osborne

Dub, flub and flubdub---now responsible Republicans know how to negate Newt’s capacity to play to the mean spirit of a lynch-mob.

When the cowardly inclined cannot get their hot air pumped into a blowtorch by jeering toadies, they are quickly looked upon as a loathsome inconsequential that is easily avoided. And the harsh voices of echoed support also fade away as rapidly as do the would-be sources that can no longer hide in a thinning throng.

Like Speaker Newts henchmen in the House, with derisive dismissal they soon mumbled in total disinterest, “Newt who?”

Mike Goodwin

One almost feels there are political operativ es writing a lot of comments here. But let me say this: Like a lot of people I am not completely comfortable with Romney. I don't want a toned down change process. I want spending under control, immigration fixed, energy opened up, regulations slashed, and free enterprise encouraged.
And to be fair, I am not sure Newt is being straight forward on some of his answers ... like being hired as a historian for Fannie. It would seem otherwise. And I think his suggestion that although you are taking money from an organization and then going to see people to support that position is not, in spite of what he says, our exercising free speech.

So although I still prefer Newt, it really is a toss up whether he will get things fixed. We need focused action and Romney might be better at pulling that together, but at what cost? I know I don't want a wimp leading us for the 4 years. We need decisiveness.

And finally, it doesn not matter who wins the Republican nomination, I am a conservative and recogniz I need to support them fully against these crazy democrats!


@Giuseppe Beauregard For the record, in case you didn't know. But all the candidates are very wealthy, they all just make their money in different ways. If you think for a second that Newt, Paul and Santorum are not rich... you need to get your facts in order because you are completely misinformed.

The difference is that Romney makes his money work for him, which in turn makes more money. That is what our government needs right now. Instead of spending money and getting nothing... you need to spend the money in which you get an investment, a return. It's how Bill Clinton did it and it's how Romney will do it as well.

And don't give Newt credit for Clinton's successes... Newt was a single vote away from losing a career in politics, thus the reason why he resigned.


Let's see if I have this right: Stuart Stevens tells Crist to (1) support the $850B bailout, (2) ignore the Tea Party voices, and (3) get support from the moderates by publically hugging Obama. When the Republicans had enough and dump Crist, he dumps the Republicans and runs independent...and utterly loses to Rubio. THEN, Romney hires Stevens? Enough said about Romney. Who would you think Rubio would prefer to br VP with? No Newt!





i cant believe this self-aggrandizer and totally arrogant liar is saying what Romney said about Newts work as an influence peddler with Freddie and Fannie is a lie???!!!

NEWT: YOU ARE THE LIAR!! you leave wives. You lobby 16 years for mortgage fraudsters freddie and fanniee. You do commercials with PElosi.

What the heck is wrong with people. This guy is a total fraud!!


THE Perfect Combo: Newt and Rubio Rocks!


and let's face it: would you rather have the "Obamanoid" and his cousin "Romanoid"...leave them on the USS UN-ENterprising please...

Deb Schmitt

I was at the Tick Tock Restaurant today in St. Pete and I must say that I felt his campaign was very "warm" and down to earth. The whole event was humble and sweet. He was very gracious when he shook my hand and so was Callista. The people around him were very gracious as well. I voted for him in Florida, and I hope he wins but I was amazed at how humble the whole thing seemed. He can be very tough, but relaxed as well. He would be an awesome president!!! He did NOT seem like he was a mean guy, and genuinely seemed to be so happy to just be in the race. He has qualities of a very good leader. Go NEWT!!!!


LDS or LSD what's the difference both are baaaad trips to lala land...Romney and Obama/Spock are really much alike..two addicts just different substances..and both too too hung up on their dads..

Yevonne Hale Randall

To Cal, yes I was a small business owner for thirty-five years and I, too, know all the numerous regulations, etc. We had a healthcare plan in place but I feel it should be left to the discretion of the business owner, not the Federal Government. Most successful business owners will provide that coverage, if they feel they can afford it, and to be pressured by the Government and not be given that choice, well, that is absurd! As far as Romney's wealth, kudos to him for being successful. That is the true American way. With a few exceptions, every American has the opportunity, and many do achieve success, who are willing to work hard to accomplish it. I am proud to be an American!


Romney is sooo fake I'm not even sure he has a pulse or is just a remote controlled avatar by some nefarious Swiss banker hiding out in Thailand...yep...it moves, it's slick, it's sly..but don't unbutton that shirt man..and don't even look at those mom pants!...Romney you BORE me to death with "I wanna be PREZ cause..Dad told me I coulda been a contender...aw please...somebody send this guy back to Boston..or Mexico!

Deb Schmitt

Also, one more thing. All of this nonsense about ethics sanctions. That was payback for Newt not playing the game the way his enemies wanted him to play. There were like 700 counts (something ridiculous like that) and the only thing that made it to the end was the one where he commingled 501(c)(3) (charitable private) funds to pay for a college politics course? Let us compare this, shall we, to Obama's practice of OVERusing Air Force One to fly him to campaign events. I know all presidents do it, but his actions are ridiculous. So, getting in trouble because charitable private funds were used to teach a college political science course that was too political according to Newt's enemies(charges brought by the guy he defeated in his election)? Or, using TAXPAYER funds to campaign for the upcoming election? Hmmmm....charitable $$$ being used for politics, vs. forced taxes $$$ being used to advance a political agenda? How ridiculous that the guy was sanctioned for educating....


Newt is like the typical used car salesman. Awesome guy until you get home and drive the car for a couple of days.


It's just real disingenuous when you compare a guy who implemented gov't imposed healthcare on his citizens, to a guy who believed in the merits of the Heritage Foundation's argument for a health care mandate vs. Hillary Care. But hey, Mitt's campaign is living off revisionist history. It has to. His political achievements as Gov are laughable. Discount all Newt's accomplishments (apparently Newt has none), and regurgitate the left wing attacks that they tried to carry out on Newt back in the 90's. This is old news.

It's like comparing the guy with the horrible tatoo, to a guy who once thought about getting one.


This machine created in the past decade (Big Government) is rolling down a steep hill. It will take a strong and experienced leader that can "control" government chaos and whip its a** into shape. I fell like we need a Jim Harbaugh type leader to fix things; one that is trusted with holding others accountable, and has good strong values (works hard). A strong manager that motivates without pissing off the world. It's not Newt!


It is really scary how incredibly gullible people are - they believe any BS politicians throw at them. And what short memories! Gingrich is a hypocritical big bag of wind.
Instead of blasting "Obamacare" as the Republicans are so wont to do, why don't some of you actually READ the law and see what it says. It's a good law and a necessary one. You can find it at 42 USC 18082. Stop being ignorant sheep, do some research and then vote intelligently. In my humble opinion, if Obama were a "good ole white boy" maybe he would get more cooperation from Congress.


Model Candidate: Hard working, holding all accountable, strong leadership skills, successful working background, Jim Harbaugh type motivator, and is true to his values.
Who is that?


The key reason I support Gingrich is his clearly articulated, consistent view of free market capitalism and the need for the system to reward hard work, creativity, and ambition, as opposed to the current approach that provides rewards for inactivity and dependency. Once this paradigm is reinstated, we can turn to less critical issues. Had President Obama been smarter and more effective on economic issues, I would certainly have voted for him again. But, he and his advisers have no clue on getting the economy moving again. They really have a Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs-approach to killing the wealth creators.

Don Jacobs

This blog did not print my biblical facts showing that Mormans are NOT CHRISTIANS!!They must want Willard Romney to win the Nomination..

Peter Taylor

If Newt is the Republican Nominee Obama will be President for additional 4 years


Ignorant to a ObamaCare being pushed on all? I read it as a business owner - it would kill my business to be pressured in to buying and paying for a larger % of healthcare for employees. So is it better for me to have to do that and layoff 5 employees to afford it? That is not the American way - let states keep autonomy - don't tread on me! That's not what the constitution intended. Big government is a mess! Stop it...


Lets hope Newt is making sure those people go right to the voting booth and cast their ballot. Early voting is going on now. Stop taking pictures Newt and get those people to vote early.

We all supported Charlie Crist at one time until we found out what a fraud he is.

lol a Crist-Rubio rematch. People power vs Money power!


I see Gingrich has erratically flipped again and is back to Romney lying instead of focusing on Obama. It only took about 4 hours for him to go on Fox this morning and call Romney a liar. Gingrich is the candidate who's name stands for personal attacks on others...a low life trait of his and why 88% of his colleagues voted to throw him out as speaker. Calling people names is an immature trait of his and shows he is not presidential and never was. The other candidates don't talk on that childish level calling people liars...3 year old behavior he needs to be spanked for.


I keep hearing people say Romney has executive experience and so he's qualified for the job. But his experience as MA governor was so bad that he landed his state a whopping 47th out of 50 in job creation and was so unpopular at the end of his 1 term that he didn't run for re-election.

THAT'S the kind of executive experience some of you want? On top of that, he's never worked in Washington. He has NO IDEA what he'd be walking in to.

Gingrich at least understands the Washington animal and worked tirelessly over many years to organize a conservative take-over of Washington when nobody thought it possible. If that isn't the mark of genuine leadership, what is?

Go Newt!


Marco Rubio not with Newt on this one...



What's interesting is that Gingrich recruited and hired some of Romneys old staff.... So what does that mean? Did Crist hie ingrich old staff?


So many of you are all jazzed about the possibility of Gingrich debating Obama if Gingrich were to becaome the nominee.... Why?

There are 3 debates for 2 hours each and then it's over.... What matters is what happens after the debates.... Who becomes President???

Does anyone really think that based on Gingrich's record and background that he could govern better than Romney could??? If you do believe that I have to believe that you really don't know much about Gingrich's past... Time to wake up and get mature and responsible about this decision.

This country needs someone who knows how to turn this economy around before it's too late and it is clear that Obama doesn't know how to and I believe that it is equally clear that Gingrich can't do it.


It is in the best interests of this country that our next president NOT be a descendent from the planet Kolob.


We don't want a victim-in-Chief, debater-in-Chief, pouter-in-Chief. We don't want an ordinary person. Where would our country be if the founding people had been ordinary. We want a leader, not an advisor. We want someone who relies on experience to create a better future, not an historian that complains about the success of others.

Boot Big Newton the ticking Newtron Bomb.

Raymond Smith

The next person who calls Obama a socialist or marxist wins a free Webster's New World Dictionary....s/he needs it.

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