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Newt Gingrich bashes the Charlie Crist-ites in Mitt Romney's shop

ST. PETERSBURG — Newt Gingrich stepped onto a podium at the Tick Tock Restaurant with a hometown message.

"As many of you know Jose Mallea is helping us with our campaign. He was Marco Rubio's campaign manager. We discovered last night that Mitt Romney has picked up Charlie Crist's campaign people," he said to yelps and a few boos. "That sort of tells you everything you needed to know about this contest."

Yes, Crist is still a whipping boy in Republican circles, though he turned out for Monday night's debate.

And, to be fair, Romney has some anti-Crists in his campaign: namely Alberto Martinez and Brett Doster, Florida advisers who worked for Crist's 2006 Republican opponent Tom Gallagher. Doster managed one of now Sen. Marco Rubio's political committees, and Martinez is part of Rubio's inner-circle.

Also, Gingrich praised Crist, once an immensely popular governor, at one point as well (video below). And Mallea once worked for Crist when he was education commissioner in Florida.

Still, a top former Crist adviser, Stuart Stevens, is the top adviser for Romney along with others we had mentioned earlier. NewsMax raised the issue today. And the pro-Gingrich Super Pac Winning Our Future might run ads linking Romney and Crist, perhaps featuring Stevens.

"The only person who would care is my mother," Stevens joked last night, "because she likes to see me on TV."

On Tuesday, Gingrich cast Romney as "pretty liberal" given past positions on gay rights, abortion and gun control. But he devoted much of his speech before a packed crowd to President Barack Obama, casting him as a big government radical. "I would like to run a candidate this fall in which we have a job and paycheck candidate vs. a dependency and food stamp candidate."

"Obama lives in a fantasy land," Gingrich said. "He has no notion of how complicated the world is. He has no ability to deal with how hard the problems are."

The biggest cheer came when Gingrich said he would ask Congress — "We need to defeat Bill Nelson," he said — to repeal "Obamacare."

Eventually, he focused on Romney, who has opened up a blistering assault on Gingrich to stop his surge.

"The division is real clear: You can't have a debate between Obamacare and Romneycare because they are too close together," Gingrich said, ignoring his past support for an individual mandate.

"Gov. Romney will have vastly more money than I will," Gingrich said, but suggested he has more grassroots support. "People power beats money power every time."

-- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times


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I like Newt. It's called forgiveness. Newt is the only one who can debate a billion dollar Barack.


I think Newt would be an awesome nominee


Gingrich frequently plays fast and loose with his record. Last night he took credit for balancing the budget for 4 years while it was really only balanced for 2 while he was in office and that is just one of his tall tails. All the fact checking going on today is quite enlightening.

If you really want to know who the true conservative is don't ask the guy who filmed an ad with Nancy Pelosi promoting climate change, called Paul Ryan's medicare plan right wing social engineering and most recently has spent his time misrepresenting Mitt's successful turnaround record and attacking capitalism. Regan conservative... bah!

Newt isn't a Washington outsider he is a carrier politician that has spent his life in Washington and the only reason he is still not in Washington is because no one could work with him. He did not walk away, as he stated last night in another unsuccessful try to rewrite history, he resigned in disgrace. Even Ron Paul, who was there, call Gingrich on trying to bend the truth in his favor.

It was about time someone called Gingrich on his lies. Gingrich tried his old attack the questioner and side step the truth again but with out an audience to interrupt he couldn't get off the hook and he was left speechless. The Liar was caught.

bob miller

Newt sucks

A sane person

"Newt is the only one who can debate a billion dollar Barack."

That shows how bitterly partisan right-wingers are, they only care about campaign money donated to Democrats.


How quick the uninformed forget Newts past. He at one time wanted everything he now tells folks he is against! Ignorance must be bliss and Newt sure depends on it! Not to mention his recent dances with the folks who helped topple the finacial system. He was suppose to be a consultant ... I guess it was "how to get rich quick"?


Nude is connected with freddie mac. Freddie mac and fannie mae created this home mortgage crisis. Why would they pay for historical help by paying newt gingrich 1. 8,000,000 when you can find a lil bit historical facts you need online. Sounds like fraud

Dennis T

Newt, Newt, Obama boo...Spunky Newt, Obama's through..


Would SOMEBODY from the Washington Republican establishment (who I can't really stomach) -- aside from the debaters --- please step up and point out what a Fraud Gingrich is??? Where are they when you actually WANT them to talk? We know that the GOP elite are cringing in their tracks at the notion that Newt could be the chosen one to run against Obama or worse yet, be their fearless leader. Maybe they're not stepping up because Gingrich is a liar like the rest of them. Egads. What has the electorate come to that we vote in guys like Obama and Newt who are cut out of similar cloth (albeit blue and red). Heaven help this nation.


He has a wealth of experience and has learned from his mistakes. He does not use his intelligence to manipulate people, create class warfare or want an increase in government regulation. He has the fight, passion and fire in the belly to be up for a debate with Obama.


newt is the one and only person that has a strategy to go up against Barack


So tired of nasty Newt, oh poor me when Mitt grills him on legitimate questions, that he can answer with a snide remark. Progressive baby.


Anytime you're citing newsmaxx, you have a problem. How many lies does it take until you have no credibility anymore?


Newt has a history of corruption and betrayal in his public life (ethics violations, influence peddling) and his personal life (no explanation needed).

"That sort of tells you everything you needed to know about this contest."


Gingrich likes to distract the public when anyone points out the many parts of his baggage that would make him the worst possible nominee for the Republican party. His colleagues in the House said he governed by chaos, and he still can't manage anything. Couldn't get his name on the ballot in his home state (Virginia) or in Missouri.


That being said, I still think the name "Newt Gingrich" sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.

JC Planas

Newt Gingrich is not a Conservative. Look up his record as Speaker. There is nothing wrong with any position he took but he's trying to sell himself as something he is not and never was. Newt Gingrich has many good ideas. The problem is that he also has some nutty ideas and he has never known how to differentiate the good ideas from the nutty ones. He has a tendency to come across like the class know it all, even and especially when his facts are wrong and then acts like a jerk when he gets caught with incorrect facts. The Republicans lost seats in 1998 solely on Newt Gingrich's unpopularity. Let's not make the same mistake.

foment criticism

Please God, PLEASE let Mr. Gingrich be the republican nominee!

Dave Longdale

Don't expect democracy to prevail after the coup. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren't in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.


Whomever you elect make sure he can beat Obama. That should be priority #1. Country can't afford four more years of marxism and far-left socialist leader. By God, this is America, not USSR.

Sheila Martinez

People need to educate themselves about Newt. How many historians make $25,000 a month!! He left Congress in disgrace and could not be a leader because he is a "know it all." Washington is keeping the trash on him waiting to use it if needed against Obama. There is enough garbage on him to make Obama look like a Saint!! He has no character, no morals and has been proven as a loser in Washington!! Florida please STOP him before it's too late!!


My advice to Romney, Santorum and Paul is to hammer the point home that Mr. Newt Gingrich will NEVER be elected president of the United States of America. He does not have the executive presence or manner commensurate with a president of the United States of America. To quote Sen. Dole, "I know it. You know it. The American people know it."

Newt Gingrich exudes hostility and anger. He poses as a victim. He panders with borderline racism. He is the ultimate self-dealing Washington DC insider disguising himself as an outsider. He is disliked if not outright hated by all those who know him including his ex-wives (2). He has the "hood-spa" to champion family values, having cheated on his first wife and carrying on an affair with an assistant for six months while married to his second wife.

His association with Freddie and Fannie is unforgivable considering all of the damage done to us in Florida. Our homes are underwater - and Gingrich supported the institution that helped make the housing collapse.

It is precisely in the human character cesspool of anger, hostility, hatred, and frustration that is the Republican Primary that an unprincipled candidate like Newt Gingrich can drag his flabby self through the muck to the top of the heap.

But come November, the venue will be different, the expectations nobler. Americans will be looking to put into the office of President of the United States of America a man of courage and strength, magnanimity and decorum. Hard-working, God-fearing, kind-hearted, fair-minded Americans will lend their support to a person of the same qualities. Mr Newt Gingrich does not.

I was originally thinking that Gingrich might be worth my vote - but not anymore. He lied in the debate last night about lobbying for Freddie and Fannie. So, my wife and I have decided today to shift our support and will vote for Romney.

J Larsen.

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
-Steve Jobs

I believe he was speaking of Newt.


Newt is going to make an excellent President, now more than ever we need a guy with his leadership skills to lead this country into the Future!

CitizenUSA...not China

Newt...just what we don't need...a Washington insider in the White House, a Washington lobbyist in the White House, a disgraced former Speaker of the House who was censored by his own party for corruption and conspiracy to cover up that corruption, a wife cheater and sexual harasser of interns.

Newt makes Bill Clinton look like an alter boy....America needs to wake up and fast. You can't forgive Newt for all his character flaws and lies....that indicates how he'd act as President....Newt would be worse than Nixon. Newt might even be more like Stalin than any President in US History.

Christopher Jones

If you want 4 more years of Obama...by all means vote for Gingrich...the Democrats even say they'd much rather face Newt Gingrich...George Stephanopoulus said their choice isn't even close. They fear Romney. Newt has too much baggage and will be easier to attack.


Newt is definitely an outsider and is, simply put, a walking-around-in-congress Napoleon. His own party couldn't take him anymore. Newt will get nothing done as President. Newt wins the nomination and the White House will be elated because he has no chance.


I could never vote for a man who wears Family Values only as a costume. Newt is a poor example of the kind of values I expect for a representative of my party. I'm not too thrilled with Romney either. I could never vote for an Elitist non-Christian. Mormons are not Christian - they are cults. The only one who had a prayer (literally) in this race was Perry, but since he's out, it looks like 4 more years of the Muslim Kenyan America Hater.

D Thomas

All you democrats and republicans with a Newt axe to grind who are smarter and more qualified than Newt to get us off the road to the brink of insolvency that Obama has taken us down, PLEASE STAND UP. How come everyone is still sitting?

John Hanson

""I would like to run a candidate this fall in which we have a job and paycheck candidate vs. a dependency and food stamp candidate." I guess I won't be voting Republican - they, and their billionaire-15%-tax-rate friends, have put more of us out of work and out of our homes than anyone else.


Newt Gingrich nomination is an insult to older women. He hates them, uses them and then discards. Just think what other distructions he is capable of.


"...fast and loose with his record" is putting it mildly.
Consulting for Freddie Mac as a "Washington Historian" ... "Influence Peddler" more likely. Newt is smart, he knows he's smart, but that doesn't mean the rest of us are idiots.

When Newt talks you'd think he was Ronald Reagan's buddy, practically living with him - but strangely he is mentioned only once in Reagan's memoirs. Newt, a giant in his own mind.

Rick Perry had it right: "if you cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on your business partner, ..."
[Not once, but twice that we know of]


Do I have this right? Callista was Noot's girlfriend when he was married to wife #2. So, Callista knew Noot was married when she was canoodling with him. Noot and First Lady Callista in the White House? There's a reality TV plot in there somewhere.


Make sure the candidate whom you elect gets rid of Obama. Otherwise after 8 years of Obama and nation will be looking at a debt mountain of atleast 21 trillion (with Greece like situation with technocrats ruling the country). This all the while Obama blaming the 1% through his 90+ rounds of golf for the nation's problems..

D. Wilderotter

Newt is driven. He is precisely what is necessary in Washington today. He'll shake it up, bring real change, not this absence of hope.
And humorously, think of the four years of sound-bites, the news feeds, the list of who is called out weekly...I CAN'T WAIT. Go-go Gingrich Intellect!

Sheila Martinez

At least Mitt believes in Jesus and is not a Muslim!! He believes Israel to be our friend unlike the garbage in the oval office now. Newt has no morals, integrity or character!! Look at his life, does he really deserve to be the leader of our country? Are we so ignorant to elect a man that his entire life has been a proven liiar and cheater? Are we so naive to believe as a Congressman he was honest and straightforward he just lied to all his wives!! Newt was an embarrassment to Congress, don't let him be an embarrassment yo our country!!!


newt gingrich is a born leader...romney is a
puffed up silver-spooned egotistic, I AM BETTER

Cullen Bach

Administration -- that's a very important part of the presidency. The President must run the entire executive branch. Newt isn't capable of doing that. He has neither the experience nor the disposition to do that. Ask the Republicans who served under him in the House -- ideas and bombast, he can do. Administration, can't do. Look at the Virginia primary. He couldn't even muster the administration to get his name on the ballot. My goodness. If he can't do that -- something we know he cares about -- imagine how he'll handle all the things that a President must do. Newt's not our man.


Newt is the only person who can and Will defeat OBAMA..Every person that God used in the Bible fron Abraham,Moses,King David and The Apostle Paul were all people that had serious shortcomings.Yet,they were the people God Chose to Turn things around.Abraham was an Idolitor,Moses had Killed the Eygyptian overseer,King David had Bath-Sheba's Husband Uriah put on the Front lines In war so he would be killed.That made Him an Adulterer and a Murderer.The Apostle Paul was Saul of Tarsus who had been a Crucifier of Christians before Jesus Struck him off his Horse on the way to Damascus to crucify more Christians.Gingrich has asked Jesus Christ into his heart he is a New Creature.God has forgiven him of his Sins and will now use him to Give this Country one more chance.Romney is a Morman.The "Bible" calls them "False Prophets" and an "Accursed People".If he is the Nominee,True Bible believing Christians will sit on their hands and not participate in the general election.Obama will easily win..

Giuseppe Beauregard

Republicans won't vote for Romney because he is not a true Republican. Obama will shred the 1% er, in the general election. The Romney scowl / sneer and his general punk attitude, will turn off many Republicans as well. This will drive them to Ron Paul, (3rd party candidate). In that case, just like with Perot, the Republicans will lose.

Newt is smart and the only one who can effectively debate Obama. This election needs to be about contrasts not similarities so the American people can really choose what they want next. Romney and Obama are too similar, creating confusion and alienating the core of the Republican party. (By core, I mean the paycheck earning Republicans, not the 1% ers.) Come on, silver spooner Romney made $40,000,000 over the last 2 years. That alienation along with the expected Democratic voting turnout will doom Romney to failure. Newt is the only chance to counter.


Regarding past comments:
*Mormons not Christians - then you're uneducated.
*Newt a conservative leader - again, read up on your history.
*Romney's tax rate low - he didn't work! It's all capital gains and taxed like anyone else.
*More qualified than Newt then stand Up? - Hey man, I have the right to vote in who's the best candidate. I am standing up!
*Steve Jobs quote - Uh, Steve wouldn't cheat on his beautiful family and then rip on others that do (Clinton). He's actually talking about those that do change the world, has Newt?

Dr. Kenneth C. Tennant

Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY "GOP" candidate that can deliver US from evil.
The National "news" media is less than objective as they continuously pass over giving Dr. Ron Paul an opportunity to speak. The "news" media are intent on picking their Establishment candidate of choice by giving them the headlines (without substance) SHAME on these "REPEATORS" of Propaganda. Where are the REPORTERS ? RON PAUL is the ONLY one with a proven track record of consistently PRESERVING, PROTECTING & DEFENDING our LIBERTIES. HE consistently HONORS his oath of office by voting to Preserve, Protect & Defend the Constitution of...America.

Yevonne Hale Randall

Gingrich left his first wife when she became ill with cancer and he left his second wife when she was diagnosed with MS. His history shows he bails 'WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH". Maybe if Romney gets tough enough, he will bail here too! All that tough talk coming from Gingrich is a facade. Attacking the News Media was an act merely to take the focus off himself and it obviously worked. We don't need a President with angry, controlling outburst, we need a President who has the skills to stay calm and to negotiate the problems at hand in a congenial manner.


Dan/Daniel/Don, whoever you are, you are an idiot. Newt Gingrich has supported the idea of an individual mandate for health insurance, one of the major components of "Obamacare". Watch the video, idiots.



Yevonne - no doubt there, great comment on what's real here.

Joe Goldstein

In a slick piece of propaganda the national media has suckered the GOP into supporting the weakest of all GOP candidates (Newt the expelled speaker, adulterous Gingrich) to run against their hero, Obama. In a highly touted grudge-match debate between the "smartest man in the room" Blustering Liar vs. the Teleprompter Kid president, GOP voters have fallen for the event like it was a national boxing match, not an election for president.. Most ironic is the lack of focus on integrity, a quality Americans used to be require in a president. Media won, we lost and for those ignorant enough to have fallen for the propaganda, Obama would never agree to such a debate anyway.


If you have a problem with a wealthy candidate, why? Have you ever been hired by a poor person? Have you ever employed people yourself and have to deal with heavy regulations, taxes, FMLA, FDIC, IRS, etc. etc. etc. As a small business owner, I could not afford to "have to" provide Obamacare like bigger companies can. Newt has been in office since 1971 - what experience does he have to provide jobs?
In Jan of '97, Newt was fined $300,000 by the ethics committee for violating House rules barring use of tax-exempt foundations! C'mon, really?

Giuseppe Beauregard

If you think the Democrats don't have the goods on Romney, you are mistaken. Romney comes off just like Bush 1 and Al Gore. Rich kids trying to pretend they are ordinary paycheck earning people. Romney is not the "right" choice. What is with his scowl? Not sure if Gingrich is, but maybe Santorum? Ron Paul will probably go 3rd party which makes all this discussion moot, as he'll pull votes away from the Republican nominee.

Armand Winter

Newt helped create 11 million jobs, and he can back that up, because while he was speaker they did create 11 million new jobs. They paid off $400 billion worth of debt, they balanced the budget in four years, and they reformed welfare. That's a record to run on.

Giuseppe Beauregard

Joe Goldstein - Which of he recent Presidents do you think has / had integrity? What is your model candidate?

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