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Newt Gingrich announces backing of Miami Hispanic politicians

In the wake of Newt Gingrich's campaign events in Miami Friday, his campaign announced the launch of a "Hispanic Steering Committee" feeaturing several well-known Miami-area politicians.

Among them is U.S. Rep. David Rivera, who has been ushering and introducing Gingrich around South Florida. So is GOP fundraiser Ana Navarro, who had earlier worked for Jon Huntsman. Also on the list: Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez.

See press release after the jump.



Gingrich Campaign Launches Hispanic Steering Committee


Miami, FL. — Former Speaker of the House and current Presidential Candidate, Newt Gingrich received endorsements today from influential Hispanic leaders. This is a clear demonstration of Gingrich’s growing popularity among the Hispanic community.


“Newt Gingrich has been working hard for many years to include American Hispanics in the overall conversation for a better America. He is the one Republican candidate who talks consistently about the importance of enacting policies that allow more Latinos to realize the American dream. Gingrich is the one Republican candidate who is leading the way for more Latinos to take positions of leadership in America and the Republican Party,” said Lionel Sosa, founder of Bromley Communications, the largest Hispanic advertising agency in the U.S.


The steering committee will provide guidance on key issues regarding the Hispanic community and the Latino vote. The committee is made up of the following individuals, who have endorsed Newt Gingrich for the office of the presidency:



Rosario Marin, Author and former US Treasurer; Mario Rodriguez, Chairman of the Hispanic 100; Massey Villarreal, Former national chairman of the US Hispanic chamber of commerce and US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation



Lionel Sosa, CEO of Sosa and Sosa; David Rivera, Florida Congressman 25th District;Vinicio Madrigal, Founder and  former President of the Gulf Coast International Chamber of Commerce; Miguel Orozco, Hispanic 100 of Orange county; Michael Montelongo, former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force; Albert Zapanta, President, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce; Francis Suarez, Miami City Commissioner; Otto Reich, Former United States Ambassador to Venezuela;Therese Alvillar-Speake, Presidential Appointee- US Dept of Commerce (90-92) and US Dept of Energy (01-09); Ana Navarro, Republican strategist;Joseph P. Galvan, former Regional Director, Region V-Midwest, of HUD; Felix Lasarte, Founder of Lasarte law firm.


Newt will hold a press conference with his National Hispanic Steering Committee this Friday, January 27th at 10:30am. It will be held  at Doral Golf Resort and Spa (Oak meeting room) located at 4400 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, FL.


“I am honored to have good friends and leaders I admire in this top level advisory group. Together with their leadership, and my heartfelt desire to unite American Hispanics on our conservative principles, we will successfully win the Latino vote,” stated Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Republican Presidential candidate.


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I am an Hispanic American from Florida. THE HISPANIC LEADRESHIP NETWORK DOES NOT TELL ME WHO TO VOTE FOR. It is disappointing that the Hispanic Leadership Network would align themselves with a man who is so ethicaly challenged, personally and professionally. Does Newt really represent our values? I don't think so. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are both far better candidates, and Romney is the only one with a real chance of beating Obama. Therefore, I am officially endorsing Mitt Romney.

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

Thinking voters like these Hispanic politicians, without a doubt, are voting for the [far] less questionable candidate. I dare say that if people knew the real Romney, Newt would be well ahead in the Flordia polls, as is reflected in the one current Gallup national poll.

I just read a news piece from Gawkerdotcom. The title is:

"Yes, the Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism"

Do the American people really want this type of individual to lead America? We already have a fanatic in the White House. Talk about creepy!

I'd rather have a repentant Catholic Christian as US president, than a Mormon of certain peculiarity. Why don't the media take time to zero in on Romney's adherence to a religion which possesses some rather strange beliefs? It needs to take some time to reflect that there is a character question which arises out of Romney's adherence to his religion.

Mormonism has it that when a Mormon believer dies, that person is qualified to own and reign on his own planet. If that is not fanatical, then tell me what is!

Furthermore, if you don't believe what I just mentioned, go to Christian Apologetics Research Ministry - carm.org and computer mouse click, "Mormonism."

Finally, I think it would be safe to say that our nation would be better off, with a repentant Catholic Christian leading it, rather than a Mormon who fantasizes that someday in his hereafter, he will be riding hee haw on some distant planet.


Presidential "coattails." We're hearing everywhere that it's about "coattails." These
Gingrich endorsements aside, supposedly a big GOP concern is if Gingrich is at the top of the ticket, then he will lack coattails and will actually hurt lower races on every state ballot. But Gingrich’s not the only one with coattail concerns. With Valentine’s Day approaching, even the Secret Service wishes Obama had longer “romantic coattails” for them to ride – as imagined in this funny YouTube sketch comedy video: http://tinyurl.com/6sevqsj


Quote: "Yes, the Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism"
Posted by: Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel"
Mitt's Father-in-Law was not converted to Mormonism. He was only baptised by proxy, which means that HE CAN CHOOSE WHETHER TO ACCEPT THAT BAPTISM OR NOT. If he doesn't accept it, he remains the same as he was in life, which in this case is an atheist.


I have an article for you. It is from the Washington post It is entitled, Mormons ,Jews Contend for souls of dead. It describes the baptism of the dead practiced by mormons and how many holocaust surviors were upset when their families names appeared on the Mormon churches rolls. The vatican even issued an order for parishes not to give information to the Mormons geneological society. They were upset that so many catholics, saints and even the pope were listed as having been baptized.

Account Deleted

Speaking of funny videos, thought you might want to check out this parody. http://youtu.be/4KE4K6VQnvo


If you want to leave the option open for RP to run third party, uunrgaably the best way we can do it is to make him the American's Elect nominee. If he is nominated directly by the American people, there can't really be a lot of backlash if he were to accept that nomination, as opposed to what would result from something like the Libertarian party. GO TO DAILYPAUL WEBSITE AND SCROLL DOWN TO THIS ARTICLE THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE THERE vote this up!!

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