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In Hialeah, Mitt Romney plays up family and love of country, and helps carve Cuban pork

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received a warm, Cuban-American welcome -- complete with the requisite lechón -- Sunday afternoon in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County's most heavily Hispanic, Republican stronghold.

Speaking to a crowd of a couple hundred outside Casa Marin, a traditional Hialeah political spot, Romney spoke about his love for his family, the military, freedom and the United States, repeating important themes for older, Cuban-American voters that form the base of Miami-Dade's Hispanic Republican electorate.

"Gifts to people who are fundamentally evil are always accepted and never returned," Romney said, criticizing President Barack Obama's policy toward Cuba, which allowed for more remittances and travel to the island.

The president is full of "excuses" for the stalled economy, Romney said -- and accused his chief GOP primary rival, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, of relying on "excuses" to justify his apparently slowing momentum in Florida.

"The reason you find it hard to connect to the speaker is you know the past 15 years he's been working in Washington," Romney said. "You want someone who is not part of Washington."

Before his 10-minute speech, Romney was introduced by his wife, Ann, who spoke about the importance of family, and their youngest son, Craig, who has appeared with Romney all week, speaking Spanish to the Hispanic crowds. "My father doesn't speak Spanish," Craig Romney said in Spanish. "But he does speak the language of the economy."

After the speech, Romney stepped into the packed Casa Marin restaurant, where another hundred people or so waited. As he entered the restaurant, several older gentlemen played their guitars and sang Guantanamera.

Romney was invited to carve a slow-roasted, suckling pig -- Cuban lechón -- which he did, with a knife and tongs. He posed for photos next to the pig and gave a bite to U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Then Romney signed autographs and worked the room, where folks could not be persuaded to remain seated. He blew a kiss to a woman who blew one at him first. Another woman carried an "Arriba con Mitt" (Up with Mitt) sign. A third woman said it was "unfair" when Romney did not come to her table.

Romney had been welcomed by a gaggle of Hialeah Republicans, including Mayor Carlos Hernandez, most city council members and former state Sen. Rudy Garcia. Also on stage with Romney: Ros-Lehtinen, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, former Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Reps. Connie Mack and Mary Bono Mack.

Lincoln Diaz-Balart told reporters before Romney's speech that Hispanics who favored Romney's rival, John McCain, in 2008 would this time cast their ballots for Romney. "People have gotten to know him. They know that he is our friend," he said. "They trust Ileana, Mario and me. They know that he is listening to us."


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Happy Republican

God bless you Mr. Romney. We love you.

marva Lightbourne, chairwomen concerned citizens committee, inc

..YEAH RIGHT !!..people, don't be deceived by ileana & her cronies, or BELIEVE the hype !!,just like that slow-roasted suckling pig (..disgusting.)that's what romney & her will be doing.. only stewing in thier OWN juices too, & poke with the knife to MAKE SURE THEY BOTH ARE >> well-done !!..ugh !!

arale norimaki

to the GOP Cubans on the ballot means nothing to the general populationof the Hispanic community. Most Latin Americans don't like Cubans

Is their a double standard regarding illegal aliens when it comes to Cubans entering the US?

From Solyndra with Love

I don't know of any double standard with immigration when it comes to Cubans.

But you DO mention that most Latin Americans don't like Cubans.

So perhaps the republicans aren't as guilty of playing favorites at the border as Latin Americans are guilty of racism eh? -.-


Romney is a reasonable guy.
He's now playing the knuckle-dragging-Neanderthal-morons, pretending to be very Conservative, and it's working.
In the general election he will go back to be a moderate Conservative like Obama, and the wingnut fools will have no choice but to vote for him, just because he's Republican...and white...heh heh!


If he loved the military so much, why is that he - and every one of his five sons - have never served one day in uniform? He's a hypocrite.

Marcela Siders

What Mr. Romney do to regulate and control non-profit organizations?. Because we were short of money at the new store opening, we found vice-president of Goodwill South Florida, Many Lopez violating policy and procedures. We caught him on the security video putting money in his pocket. He did not know the security system was operating at that time. The police was given a report of theft, and the company ordered the Police to stop investigating the case. The company performed an internal investigation. Three managerial employees who witnessed and revealed what happened, we were unfortunately vindictively terminated. Mr. Lopez remains as a trusted vice-president, protected by the president, Mr. Pastrana.

Lao Tzu

In the photo, it's hard to tell which one is the pig and which is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Buck #2

Really though Buck? I hear where your coming from, but I feel like Romney's been a lot less of a conformist this go around than last time.

I mean, he was REALLY trying to be a conservative back in 2008 when even Rush Limbaugh endorsed him.

But now even Limbaugh has turned on him.

Lol, it's funny because every form of media is essentially unable to get excited about Mitt, lest their extremist viewers get offended, and in spit of it all he's still dominating in Flordia and after this win will likely cruise to victory.


Mitt is more awesome than I knew, I won't lie, lawl.

The guy pays about 40% in taxes and charitable donations combined.

-left the 2002 olypmics with a 55 million dollar surplus (when he came it it was millions in debt and scandal ridden)

-Balanced the budget in Massachusetts four times

-lowered taxes in Massachusetts 19 times

-Brought in revenue by, NOT RAISING TAXES, but enforcing fee laws that already existed.

-Vetoed the liberal parts of his health care plan (you know, the like, over a dozen add ins from the democratic legislature)

Mitt's my man!

Evelio Perez

I was there at the Hialeah rally with my wife and daughter, it was an electrifying and awesome experience to shake the hands of the next President of The United States......

Here is how I feel about Illegal Imigration.... http://evelio-perez.blogspot.com/2010/05/latino-friend-or-foe.html

arale norimaki

to Evelio Perez

other vs. Cubans: Is There A Double Standard On Illegal Aliens?

Seems like a double standard. If you come from Cuba you are granted automatic residency, but if you come from other countries you need to have the proper documentation

Dave Longdale

Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. 90% of the comments and replies you're reading online come from an NSA software program spamming the internet. Comments are created before the stories are ever reported. The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are all propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000's of handles and are determined to bury the truth and attack anyone leaking it.
Osama Obama Biden (Bi)n La(den)
One coincidence? Two coincidences?
The odds are in the billions of it being a mere coincidence
The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren't in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.


The popularity of Mitt Romney with the voters is a tribute to him (and the independence and sense of the conservative voters), given that the mainstream media and even Fox News seems biased against him. According to a recent study reported on Fox News, he is the target of more negative stories in the media by far than an other candidate. Even on Fox News itself, the negative slant against him has been running something like 60% negative versus 40% positive.


He is absolutely out of touch with the average American voter. do you think he cooks his own meals at home? i don't think so. interesting how the pig looks like Newt, lol

Evelio Perez

Arale, Cubans did not freely choose to leave our homeland, a murderer took power and America gracefully and legally took us in. Most of other Hispanics have chosen to treat Cubans with hate and disrespect because we don't believe in Socialism. Well, too bad, I believe in the rule of law, I believe in America and I believe in Mitt Romney.....

Mitt Romney Express on Facebook

Check out a great Romney for President Facebook page!


you cubans enslaved blacks for how many years? And you killed the indigenous population just like the whites killed the natives Americans. Funny though how a jew, Norman Brahman got that greedy cuban Alverez and that fat chick Gloria out of office. Priceless!!!!

Carlucho Safie

Any one that can actually vote for a flip-flopper like romney's got to be an Idiot. (see it for yourself at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsCmiFcRyIc).
Today he will vote for what you believe and tomorrow will create a law completely against it. The best way to describe this candidate is as is a con-artist, not as the next president of the United States of America.
Here is another News... Not every one in Hialeah represents the hispanic vote In Florida. Having said that not all Cubans (specially the smart ones) will vote for Romney or Newt. Ron Paul is a better choice.


what a bunch of suckers. Rmoney says and does whatever to get the cuban vote and you guys lap it up like milk. Hilarious! You guys get sucked in again and played like a fiddle every 4 years. Slice up a lechon, drink a bit of cuban coffee and that's all it takes!


So once again Romney is talking about anything and everything except his own policy plans. Does anyone know what they are?... care? No, he looks presidential and talks presidential.


Please be a bit more informed when it comes to cubans and our history. we did not slaved anyone,it was Spain. Like it or not we are a power and have it voice in this country not because it was handed to us, but because we earned through hard labor. They don't hate us, they envy us. Sorry for you!. God Bless America.


Themajority of hispanics love Obama.

Viva Obama!

David Yuvier

Hey Marva Lightbourne. Lechon is disgusting? Fried Chicken, collared greens, and racist ass colored people are disgusting.

Scott Krupie

He may have won the Cuban vote, but he just lost the vegetarian vote!


Cubans rubbing elbows with Romney today. They feeling high as the stars, but if andonly a BIG if omney wins oh how much would he remember them?

Romney says, who are they? Tell them to call on Castro!


Mitt's the man. A success in private business. Not like unethical, Freddie Mac lobbyist Newt.

Mitt Romney Express on Facebook

He did win the Cuban Vote! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mitt-Romney-Express/167492109995508?ref=tn_tnmn

Paul Garbutt

January 29, 2012

I think the mainstream media, or MSM, and Washington elite think the majority of voters just fell off the turnip truck. But the South Carolina primary election and other current voting trends show otherwise.

The MSM are working double time to get us to forget about the unprecedented results of the South Carolina primary election, but they are a sign of what could be in Florida, Nevada and beyond. They are also proof that American citizens will not be outwitted by the political shenanigans of the powers that be. Let me give you a few examples.

Despite that ABC paraded Newt’s bitter ex-wife across their airways two nights before the South Carolina election, Newt won women’s votes by 36 percent to 30 percent over Romney. And married women and evangelical women both backed Gingrich with 40 percent support. (Women in general backed Newt 38 percent, and men were 42 percent in support of him.)

Despite (or maybe, on account of) Mitt’s Massachusetts creation of Romneycare and promises for Social Security’s perpetuity, Newt gained 47 percent of the vote (to Mitt’s 36 percent) among those ages 65 and older.

Despite the MSM’s attempt to convey Newt as old and outdated, he received 27 percent of votes from among those 18-29 years of age, only being beaten by Ron Paul’s 32 percent.

Despite the MSM’s and Washington elite’s campaign to convey that Newt would be dangerous to the country and world, 39 percent of U.S. veterans voted for Newt, compared to 32 percent for Romney.

Despite that Romney spent millions on ads in South Carolina to persuade voters that Newt was an ethically compromised Washington insider, Newt won 45 percent of GOP electorate votes, while Rick Santorum and Romney trailed with 23 and 20 percent.

Despite the MSM’s pro-Romney coverage and six years of Romney’s campaigning, Newt stole 31 percent of moderates’ votes from the Massachusetts’ moderate.

Despite Romney’s often-flaunted business credentials, eight in 10 voters who said they were very worried about the direction of the economy also voted for Newt by a double-digit lead over Romney. Hence, the New York Times also described Newt as South Carolina’s “preferred candidate for people who said they were … falling behind financially.” That is because Newt has actually helped lead the federal government during two of the greatest economic booming eras in our country’s history.

Despite that 120 evangelical leaders met recently in Texas and claimed to have come to a consensus backing Rick Santorum, the initial vote of those leaders split almost evenly between Newt and Santorum, 48-57 votes, according to CBN News Chief Political Correspondent. I don’t think it’s coincidental that a similar 45 percent of evangelicals also voted for Newt in his landslide South Carolina victory. Forty-five percent of pro-lifers also voted for Newt, compared to just 21 percent for Romney.

Despite the MSM’s and some social conservatives’ onslaught to make Newt out to be a reckless immoral politician, evangelical voters understand that, while not condoning adultery and divorce, they are not fatal but forgivable by God. Evangelical voters understand that family values are redeemable and renewable among contrite souls who have suffered from relational failures.

North Carolina was such a landslide election that the New York Times confessed, “Mr. Gingrich was supported by men and women alike, evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics, those who support the tea party and those who are neutral about it.”

Even in Florida, Newt’s populous popularity is evident by the size of his audiences. Despite that Washington heavyweights like John McCain and Bob Dole have come out to endorse Romney, in a drive that the Boston Globe described as “GOP insiders rise up to cut Gingrich down to size,” the Los Angeles Times reported last week: “Newt Gingrich winning the crowd contest in Florida.”

The Times explained, “The former House speaker drew enormous crowds on Tuesday in the Sunshine State, the final one attracting more than 5,000 people. On the same day, Romney drew about 150 people to a closed speech in Tampa and addressed about 300 people outside a foreclosed house in southwest Florida later in the day.”

And despite that Romney and his cronies have spent, and will spend, millions and millions of more dollars in Florida and Nevada to perforate Newt’s character and record again, which NewsMax explains in Florida alone is 20 times what has been spent there in supporting any other Republican candidate, I am believing that voters will neither be bought by his money nor directed by his political spin and rhetoric, just as those in South Carolina didn’t fall for the fool’s gold.

One final proof came last week via the triple-gang of the MSM, Romney and Washington elites. They all pounced again on Newt, claiming he is not a Reagan conservative. But they were discounted again, as President Reagan’s eldest son, Mike, who has also endorsed Newt, joined radio talk-show legend Rush Limbaugh by lambasting Newt’s critics. Mike said, “I am deeply disturbed that supporters of Mitt Romney are claiming that Newt Gingrich is not a true Reaganite and are even claiming that Newt was a strong critic of my father.” And Limbaugh added, “That kind of stuff is why people hate Romney so much.”

NewsMax also reported, in a 1995 speech at a dinner honoring Ronald Reagan, former first lady Nancy Reagan said: “The dramatic movement of 1995 is an outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century. Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and in turn Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive.’”

There’s a reason 34 percent of those who voted for Newt in South Carolina said they “strongly supported” the tea party, dispelling another MSM myth (or is that a wish?) that the tea party’s influence has dwindled. Thirty-one percent of independents also voted for Newt.

To the naysayers of Newt, Theodore Roosevelt has a wise word, “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

I think it’s time again that “We the People” showed the media and Washington elite exactly who is in charge.

South Carolinians were not duped by the titans of political swing.

Floridians and Nevada patriots, don’t you let them manipulate and muscle your vote either.


Newt paid a $300,000 ethics fine. I don't want to listen to months of Democratic attack ads if he were the nominee. Way too much baggage. Mitt's the man.


Mitt is so handsome.

He has my vote for sure.

I love a man that looks like he stepped off the cover of GQ Magazine.


BIRDS OF FEATHER - RomneyCare and ObamaCare = same people same policies

"....Billionaire financier George Soros thinks that, if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, there will be "little difference" between him and Barack Obama in the White House.

Soros offered the reassuring news to liberals across Europe during an interview this week in Davos, Switzerland...."


FYI Folks....The Florida Chamber of Commerce is BACKING NEWT GINGRICH !


Wot?! No pic of him ironing his pants, mowing the lawn, drawing bills out of the hat? Jeez.


clarification, that is the lechon on the platter and leana Ros-Lehtinen in the back ground.


If you are middle class and you are voting Republican, you are wasting your vote.
They only care to protect the interests of the richest 1%.

Capitan Justicia

Colombians for Obama!!!


Mitt is the man!!!!, we need a man that knows about making money and creating jobs, we don't need more food stamps, that's for sure. So, Mitt has my vote, hey and I am Cuban.



COUP attempt against Gingrich

Newt did not take the REBELLION lying down.

Gingrich’s precipitous fall from power


I first met Newt Gingrich 17 years ago at a Destin, Fla., fundraiser held in my honor ....

If, as Shakespeare wrote, what’s past is prologue — and it often is —

then Gingrich’s political history is particularly relevant now.

It’s a history I know well because I was there.....

Three years into his speakership, the man who helped
draft the Contract With America began trying to undo
some of that document’s key provisions. ...

In April 1997, Gingrich ... was ready to be a kinder and gentler Republican
by negotiating away the very tax cuts that he had once called
“the crown jewels of the contract.”

Soon, conservatives were being pressured to vote for big spending appropriations bills.

In his final speech from the floor of Congress,
Newt Gingrich lashed out wildly at the same freshmen
who had made him speaker — mocking us as cannibals ...

It was the last time Newt would attack
the most conservative members of his caucus
from the lofty perch as speaker.

In 1997, ten of my fellow classmates had
led a coup attempt against Gingrich,
shutting down the House over the speaker’s efforts
to violate the Contract with America ....

Conservative stalwarts like Steve Largent, Tom Coburn
and Matt Salmon joined me and seven others
to demand a cut in spending and a promise to hold firm on tax cuts.

Newt did not take the rebellion lying down.
He immediately summoned the sergeant of arms
to drag the 11 rebels down to a Republican caucus meeting ...
where Newt lined us up in front of a packed room of seething House members ...
Gingrich then began screaming and demanded that the 11 of us account for our behavior.

As Steve Largent grabbed the microphone, ...
Steve spoke softly about how he signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks ....
A few years later, the NFL Players Association went on strike. But Largent told the mob, who were now transfixed, that he crossed those picket lines because he signed a contract and gave his word. ....
For Steve, it was a matter of principle.

Turning to the Speaker, ... Largent said, “Newt, you were the one
who drafted the contract and then told us to sign it.
Now, you’re the one pressuring us to break it.

But Newt, if I wasn’t intimidated by the thought of 250 pound linebackers
who wanted to kill me every time I crossed the field,
why would I be intimidated by you?”

And with that, the speakership of Newt Gingrich was over.

A year later, he would be driven from power
and sent into a political wilderness
from which he emerged 14 years later on a Saturday night in South Carolina.

Gingrich’s precipitous fall from power was the result of arrogance, ...
a fatal tendency to flit from issue to issue — and even from core conviction
to core conviction — in the seeming belief that if ....


The Newt I know

By: Joe Scarborough 1-27-2012 POLITICO






Gingrich’s D.C. record: His Achilles’ heel?

By Jennifer Rubin 01/24/2012

Just before the debate, Newt Gingrich released one contract with Freddie Mac for one of his years as an “historian,” as he likes to put it. But the contract reflects that he reported to the head lobbyist, in fact a registered lobbyist, Craig Thomas. Moreover, the contract is remarkably vague as to what he actually did for Freddie. ( The contract specifies that he was supposed to invoice Freddie with a description of services, but we haven’t seen any of those. They would be illuminating.) The contract says that he should provide services of the quality of other firms providing comparable service in Washington, D.C. (Since there are no “historian” firms, one can imagine the reference is to other K Street influence peddlers.)

What is most telling is what is not provided — contracts for other years of service, invoices or other documents that would reflect what he really did, and any support for the tale that his value was as an “historian.”

No wonder Mitt Romney pounced both in the debate and in a new ad. In the debate he repeatedly made the point that Gingrich got paid for singing Freddie’s tune while Floridians and other Americans got pummeled in the housing crisis. His ad piles on with references to his speakership as well:

Notice the quick segment at the end in which Gingrich refers to future plans with Marianne. That would be the wife on whom he was cheating with his current wife, Callista.

In the debate last night, Gingrich tried out a few excuses. He attempted to make his departure from the speakership seem voluntary. But Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) had him dead to rites last night; he was sanctioned for ethics violations and his colleagues did show him the door. He then tried exaggerating his own achievements during his four years as speaker, claiming credit for creating 11 million jobs. (He has not attempted to explain the government shutdown fiasco, for which he was directly responsible.)

On Freddie he again trotted out the excuse that Freddie and Fannie Mae are like “telephone cooperatives, rural electric cooperatives, federal credit unions.” This is poppycock, as Politifact points out:

We find no support for that and do find major differences in how they are created and operate compared with GSEs. Congress created Freddie Mac, as it does every GSE, by passing a specific law to bring it into being. Freddie Mac has stockholders and a direct line of credit with the U.S. Treasury. The term, Government Sponsored Enterprise, applies only to a handful of financial entities listed in the federal budget.

None of those characteristics apply to credit unions and electric cooperatives. Once again, we rate Gingrich’s statement Pants On Fire.

It remains to be seen how successfully both Romney and Rick Santorum will be in painting Gingrich as an ethically challenged creature of Washington. They certainly have a lot of material to work with. Moreover, when Gingrich tries to wiggle out of his own record he shows his worst qualities — self-aggrandizing ( he created 11 million jobs) delusional (a “historian” for Freddie) and dishonest (Freddie’s just like a credit union!). Rather than running ads with the accusations, perhaps Gingrich’s opponents should run ones with his excuses; they are as revealing and damning as anything others have said about him.


By Jennifer Rubin




Details unfold about
Gingrich’s Freddie Mac Role
Alana Goodman 1.24.2012

New details are trickling out about Newt Gingrich’s role at Freddie Mac, and the latest reports continue to contradict his claim that he objected to the mortgage giant’s business model while serving as an advisor.

Last November, Gingrich’s campaign said that "on numerous occasions in meetings with Freddie Mac, Speaker Gingrich advised that a business model that involved lending money to people with bad credit and no money down was unsustainable and a bubble, and that it was dangerous to buy securities made up of these mortgages."

But according to Politico, his activities weren’t just confined to advising and lobbying on behalf of Freddie Mac. He also rallied an audience of Freddie Mac political action committee donors in 2007:

New details from Newt Gingrich’s $35,000-a-year [ month ] contract with Freddie Mac
show that the Republican hopeful wasn’t just a boardroom consultant, but served as a high-profile booster for the beleaguered organization.

He even gave a rallying speech to dozens of the group’s political action committee donors in the spring of 2007.

Shortly after the "rah, rah" speech, as one source described it, Gingrich gave an interview for the Freddie Mac website, where he supported the group’s model at length.
The interview is no longer on Freddie’s site.

If Gingich was supposedly the internal critic of Freddie Mac, what was he doing giving speeches to the group’s PAC donors?

The story doesn’t add up. Of course it’s possible that Gingrich brought up his concerns at some meetings, but he gave no public indication that he was trying to reform the group at the time.

Everything that’s been released has shown the opposite – him praising Freddie Mac’s business model and trying to boost the group’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported more details about the lobbying expert who Gingrich says advised him back in 2000:

"He hired me to give him advice on state and federal lobbying requirements," [lobbying expert] Thomas Susman said.

"The subject matter," he added, "was simply to advise him and his associates in his business

what the lobbying laws were because he did not want to have to cross the line to register as a lobbyist in any of those jurisdictions."

Which sounds like confirmation that
Gingrich hired an expert to avoid crossing the 20 percent threshold that would require him to officially register as a lobbyist.

The drip-drip-drip will likely keep this issue in the news for awhile, but it remains to be seen if Romney can make the controversy stick to Gingrich.


Details unfold about
Gingrich’s Freddie Mac Role

Alana Goodman 1.24.2012




Gingrich hired an expert to avoid crossing
the 20 percent threshold that would require him to officially register as a lobbyist.


Con Mucho Amor

To arale norimaki:

It's not double standard. It's the law... and a little bit of history.

You may need to understand the first one... and learn the second one.

By repeating your hateful and childish statement... you not only look ignorant, but stupid, too!


Watch this a discover the real Mitt


Watch and discover the real Mitt http://www.mittsbloodmoney.com/


...""bloomberg verses federal reserve 12.8 tril $""...pbs.org frontline ""inside the meltdown""...bush bailed out mitt and saved his stocks/bonds so he could be prez..while letting your homes and 401,s lose 14 tril $ and are still losing...his money he puts in the island go to communist china to build our factories there and thus increase permanent unemployment here..((general motors shut down detroit to move to china)).and now his $$ r going into communist china well drilling for oil in CUBA!!yea anything for a buck..rich r for rich only !!and his gain capital even took $$ from that 12.8 tril just so it can clean up those factories it destroys here while it builds them in the communist world !!mitt mitt mitt usa usa usa !!


Arriba Romney - lets get the pig out of the white house.

Carlos Martinez

Here's what the liberals think of Romney.. he's one of them.


Canes  Fan

Santorum got my vote.

Ron Paul or Obama

Ron Paul 2012!

If not, Obama 2012.

Carlos Martinez

Liberals like Romney. please vote for Newt.


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