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Marco Rubio: "Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist."

Newt Gingrich's decision today to bash Mitt Romney for hiring former Charlie Crist loyalists and employees doesn't seem to be sitting well with Sen. Marco Rubio, who drove Crist out of the Republican Party before beating him at the polls in 2010.

Said Rubio: "Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist. Romney is a conservative. and he was one of the first national Republican leaders to endorse me. He came to Florida, campaigned hard for me, and made a real difference in my race."

Rubio's also a fan of Gingrich, incidentally. Gingrich helped Rubio promote his 100 Ideas for Florida's Future book and helped Rubio elevate his profile nationally when he was Florida House Speaker.

Former Rubio loyalists work for both camps, namely Jose Mallea (Gingrich's Florida campaign manager) and Alberto Martinez (a Romney senior adviser in Florida). One difference: Martinez never worked for Crist. Martinez was a top staffer in the state House Republican office in 2007-2008 when Rubio was House Speaker and clashed with Crist over property tax cuts and gambling.


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John Wright

I was very concerned when as a Mitt Romney supporter I read he hired ex Crist staffers. But I respect and love Marco Rubio and I trust his word. Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist!


Albert Martinez, Rubio staffer, is lying about GOP support for Rubio.

Sen. John Cornyn came to Florida and threw GOP support behind Crist.

So unless Romney bucked the GOP, Martinez is telling a whopper.

The Tea Parties elected Rubio. We can take him out as well.

Raoul Lowery Contreras

Linda posts crap. Republicans and Republicans only elected Marco Rubio to the Senate. Tea Party elected no one. They helped him with some support in the beginning unaware of who he was,but he was not Crist. The entire Republican Establishment fell behind Rubio when it was critical. People from across the country contributed money, something Tea Partiers are usually adverse to doing. Tea Party people are helpful in congressional districts but not on a statewide basis. Marco captured the imagination of Republicans and Independents and they voted him in.


Not crap, Raoul. The GOP officially backed Crist. Google it. Why do you think the Tea Parties started doing straw polls?

The state party may have been trying to back Marco, but the national GOP threw their support behind Crist.


Many of Crist's staffers are under investigation by the grand jury. If Marco is working with ANY Crist staffers, he's toast in the next election.

He was supported because he is a conservative. Romney is not a conservative. Like Crist, Romney is a limosine RINO.

Susan Tenofsky

I'm very dismayed to see such infighting within
Republican (supposed) supporters. Think twice before you speak and please remember just what Obama will do with your thoughts.


And you have good reason to be dismayed, Susan. I would not have said anything if I had not seen Mr. Martinez's remarks.

They were false.

I don't care who you support, but no lying. Mr. Martinez, as it turns out, is not a Rubio staffer but with the House Conference. Still, he should know better.

I am a huge Rubio supporter, which is why I was so upset when the GOP threw their support behind Crist.

I am not denying that Romney may now be a Rubio fan, but he was not when Marco was running for the Senate. Rubio got no help, not a dime, from the Washington GOP.



Didn't you read what Rubio said? Romney campaigned hard for Rubio on the national level. Don't you remember Christ endorsed McCain because Romney was conservative and those two were the RINOs. Once Christ endorsed McCain it was curtains for Romney because McCain won by a thin margin.


I not only read what he said, I talked to him about it.

You're talking about the 08 presidential primary, the one Romney LOST to McCain, the conservative running in that race, you know, the one running with Sarah Palin?

I thought we were talking about Marco's Senate race?

Romney is to the right of most Republicans in DC.


If Romney really is using Crist people here in Florida, that's very bad judgement on his part and only serves to demonstrate he is no conservative. Mitt Romney is no Marco Rubio.


Most don't realize that these are political operatives and will work for Democrats as well as Republicans. Depending on who will pay them for their knowlege and talents. They have no political stand other than the one issued to them. Rubio had a good story and stuck to it, he avoided issues while saying he was conservative but proved to be NeoCon Artist after the election and promotes a Police State. He was NEVER a TEA Party candidate but a GOP Status Quo candidate that TEA Party members liked and volunteed for. Mitt is also a Status Quo Candidate and has more positions than the Com Sutra on every issue. However, Newt has advocated the demise of the Constitution with Alvin Toffler. He is far to dangerous to be elected Dog Catcher.


And you, my friend, are dreaming. There is no man more knowledgeable on the Constitution than Newt Gingrich. And he is the only man on that stage to pass a massive Welfare Reform bill and balance the budget with Bill Clinton.

And lest we forget, there was that Contract with America, which resulted in Gingrich and the Republicans taking back the Congress after 40 solid years of Democrat domination. Read it, they passed almost all of it.

You may be right about Marco. The cental and north end of the state are definitely NOT happy with his support of the Indefinite Hold provision in the NDAA -- sided with RINOS-- and he did it again with the internet bill.

It appears Marco has been sucked up into the Washington GOP leadership.

As for the operatives, in this state, most of the RPOF fall into that category, which is why this is such a strong Tea Party state.

Dr. Landon Larsen

Go Marco and Romney. Dont vote for a cheater in every aspect, I am sick and tired of all the baggage Newt has!


The folks that depend on the media and political enemies for their sources must be smoking something really strong. I've known Newt and worked w/ him during all his campaigns in the 70's, 80's and 90's. All the baggage is that he is smart, articulate, highly educated, knows the history behind everything in DC, reformed welfare and saved the taxpayers billions, balanced the budget 4 times and left Bush 43 400 Billion plus. Only in the minds of democrats is that a problem! He is a real threat to the socialist Marxists progressives that have taken over DC. And all you folks w/ ex spouses I know you will be inviting them to Christmas right? Just for the record, Marianne did it for the money from Romney I think, cause she's broke after the Esquire article maybe?


I walked into a Republican Executive Committee meeting last night and the room was FILLED with nothing but Romney signs. This is an example of how "the fix" is being put to this race.

There are three other candidates running. The rpof seems to be breaking its on rules on endorsement when there is more than one candidate in the race.

These people are scared to death that Newt Gingrich is going to win this election.

Yesterday I heard Ed Rollins say that Gingrich is the most conservative in the race, the most like Reagan. Anybody here know who Ed Rollins is? He is the man who put Reagan into office. Do you think Newt really sat in on all those White House staff meetings to insult Reagan? And more importantly, do you think Ronald Reagan would have allowed Newt to remain if he did that? Absolutely NOT.

Interesting that Ed's comments didn't make it to the Drudge Report, isn't it?

Michael LoGrande

Aren't we missing the point? As we vote in the primaries, at a time when the entire world is facing economic turmoil and our country is steadily in decline economically and culturally,we are leaning toward a firebrand, who
can debate Obama with smart mouth acerbic one liners. Is this what our country and our world needs right now? Newt Gingrich was a bombastic,
vindictive ego maniac, who trounced anyone who disagreed with him and
discarded them as easily as he discarded people in his own personal life.
Do we need a bomb thrower or someone that is as trustworthy and steady in his achievements as he was in business and in his personal life. I guess
some people will not see how Romney's steadiness and competence can win in debate. But, that is precisely why Obama would prefer the bomb
thrower to be the candidate.


I am probably the only blogger here with exposure to both men. Romney is running a campaign like Obama did, no substance only attacks. Nobody is vetting him, his positions. All he does is attack his opponent. Worked once before, won't work again.

I know this man. He goes nowhere without an entourage. Conservatives don't want another empty suit. Wall street experience is not what we need or want right now. Wall Street has bled us to death. Mitt cannot identify with the people just as Obama can't identify. That is because neither man has ever lived a normal, middle class life. Romney cannot beat Obama. He could not even beat John McCain here in Florida.

Gingrich organized the Contract for America. READ IT. THEY PASSED MOST OF IT. He engineered the first Republican takeover in over 40 years in the Congress. He is the only candidate on that stage who passed a major Welfare Reform bill and has balanced the federal budget. NOBODY knows more about the federal government than Newt Gingrich. He is a man of substance, Romney is not. I'll stick with Newt. I don't want another empty suit in the WH, another prima dona, and the author of Romneycare.

And I don't think most Floridians do, either. We want a conservative who will stop the spending now, cut the size of the federal government, audit the fed, and help bring about term limits.

You'll notice I did not take sides before now, but I am tired of the snow job going on in Florida right now. Newt is winning those straw polls, Romney is not.


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