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Marco Rubio leads contraception-religion-ObamaCare battle with bill

Just in time for the 2012 elections, here's a fight over sex, health insurance and religion pushed to the fore by Sen. Marco Rubio, who wants Congress to repeal a contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Expect some talk about insurance plans that offer breaks on erection pills, but not The Pill.

From a press release:

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today introduced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012, a bill to repeal a new ObamaCare mandate that violates the religious liberties and conscience rights of faith-based institutions by forcing them to offer employees insurance coverage for contraceptives.

Earlier this month, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized a new mandate that would require most church-affiliated organizations to offer their workers private insurance coverage without out-of-pocket charges for birth control.  The administration ignored efforts by numerous faith-based organizations to be granted an exemption on religious grounds.

“The Obama Administration’s obsession with forcing mandates on the American people has now reached a new low by violating the conscience rights and religious liberties of our people,” said Rubio.  “Under this President, we have a government that has grown too big, too costly and now even more overbearing by forcing religious entities to abandon their beliefs.  This is a common sense bill that simply says the government can’t force religious organizations to abandon the fundamental tenets of their faith because the government says so.”

The text of the legislation is available here.


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Good for him!


The bill to force an exemption of religious organizations from being covered by insurance companies is a very bad idea. Nobody is or will be forced to take birth control pills or use condoms or be forced to do or not do anything. It only adds another layer of bureaucracy and useless laws and I thought the focus of the republican party was to get the government off of peoples backs. The current Health Care laws do not force anyone to have a CAT scan or rectal exams or any other medical procedure, or force anyone to use any birth control methods. He (and others like him) should keep their nose out of people's rights to pick the medical options they want to use, regardless of their religious beliefs. Who will pay for monitoring the insurance companies compliance with this bill? Do you want to pay for this out of your pocket? He should quit the grand-standing and get to work solving our nations problems instead of increasing the division within our nation.


Jim, You are looking at this all wrong. This is not a partisan issue. It is not about birth control. It is not about healthcare. It is not about abortion. This is about one thing: religious liberties. This law violates the religious beliefs of millions of people who believe that birthcontrol, sterilization and morning after pill is stopping a life and therefore murder. This law forces those people to violate their conciences and put money into insurance systems for their employees and provide those services that they believe is murder. Up to this point, those religious universities, schools, churches and hospitals were able to provide insurance for their employees and services for their patients/students that did not involve what they consider murder. The first amendment of our Constitution gives those people the right to believe that it is murder and gives them the right to follow their concience in avoiding contributing to that murder. It starts with contraception, then goes to abortion, then to our other first amendment rights (speech, assembly, petition our government, and then press/media) then goes our second amendment rights to protect ourselves and our effects by keeping and carrying guns, then down the line. Again, this is not about birth control. This is about your right to not be forced by the government to participate in or contribute to something that you believe will send your soul to hell, right or wrong in that belief. We must stand together on this issue even if we disagree with that specific belief (if we disagree) and must fight the intrusion of government into our religious beliefs. That is why we came to America to begin with. We must protect those liberties or we will regret not doing so. (BTW, the argument about bureaucracy is completely incredible considering Obamacare is the biggest bureaucratic nightmare that could have possibly ever been invented.)

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