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Marco Rubio insider, Alberto Martinez, advising Mitt Romney in Florida

Good news for Mitt Romney. Bad news for the other Republican presidential campaigns.

Alberto Martinez, a veteran Florida political operative who most recently worked as a senior advisor to Marco Rubio's successful Senate campaign, is now working in a similar capacity with Romney's presidential campaign in Florida.

Martinez excels in messaging, strategy and blending politics with policy. A Miami native who lives in Tallahassee, Martinez also has an instinctive feel for Florida's political geography. He worked as a policy adviser in the Florida House under Rubio when he was speaker and, before that, was a spokesman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher in 2006. He currently works as an adviser to Adam Hasner, a U.S. Senate candidate and former state House leader under Rubio.

Martinez's Democratic alter-ego, Obama-world's Steve Schale, succinctly tweeted: "Smart hire by Romney."



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For his opponents, this is a wound.

Dan Stojadinovic

I'm also running but not an insider!

Dan Stojadinovic


Great move by Mitt.

Juan Castro

The worst that would happen is a win by Newt in Florida. For the good of America Mitt must prevail.

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