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Lament of the FL grassroots: Rick Santorum's national campaign is 'incompetent'

Where's Rick?

The question isn't just for the news media. It's being echoed by Rick Santorum grassroots supporters in Florida who feel the national campaign has let them down. As a result, it has fueled rumors for days that Santorum isn't going to stay in Florida through the Jan. 31 primary.

Is he or isn't he? Where will he be?

"I'm not sure anyone but the senator knows that," said one supporter. "The national campaign has really been incompetent. They don't reach out to people who know Florida, they schedule things and then cancel them."

Said another: "You really have to question the strategy. A planned trip to Tallahassee, but almost no real time in major media markets like Tampa, Orlando, Miami? Two trips to Stuart? An appearance in Pensacola? What are they thinking?"

If we ever got timely returned calls, emails or schedules, we might be able to find out.