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Kurt Browning resigns as secretary of state


Secretary of State Kurt Browning stepped down Wednesday morning as Florida's chief elections official and cultural affairs officer, making him the second agency head to resign during Gov. Rick Scott's young administration. His last day in office will be Feb. 17, which allows him to oversee the statewide presidential preference primary on Jan. 31. The governor will immediately start a search for a successor.

"I've been doing this for going on five years now," Browning told reporters as he exited Scott's office. "My home is in Pasco County. My wife's still in Pasco County, and it's stressful every Sunday afternoon when you have to load up the car and head north."

Browning, 53, a lifelong Pasco resident, said he decided over the holidays that he wanted to step down to spend more time with his wife Kathy. There has been talk that he's considering running for the elected post of Pasco County superintendent of schools next fall.

After serving 26 years as Pasco's supervisor of elections, he was appointed Secretary of State by former Gov. Charlie Crist in 2007. He resigned in April 2010 and returned as a Scott appointee a year ago.

"Certainly it's an option," Browning said of running for superintendent. "That's not the reason I'm going home. As I stated before, it's to be with my wife and my family and my community."


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To spend time with his family...that is original.


Sometimes it's the truth.

Cynical Idealist

When the boss says he resigned to spend time with the family, it means he got fired. When the employee says he resigned to spend more time with his family, it could mean just that; or that he's been told resign or be fired. In this case, we'll just never know.

Denny Wood

I'd take him at his word. Tallahassee is a boring red neck town that sports confederate flags on pick up trucks. And those weekly drives are pure hell for a lot of people.

5 years is a long time to be commuting.

And I can't think of a more boring job than Secretary of State. The only real action is at cabinet meetings.

Besides, I don't think Scott can fire a cabinet member.

We need to thank him for the 5 years of public service. And wish him and his wife well.

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