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Genting, trying to win hearts and minds, advertises on Spanish-language radio in Miami

Guess who's one of the sponsors of the annual Three Kings Day parade in Little Havana's Calle Ocho?

Resorts World Miami, the name of the proposed $4 billion mega-casino gambling project proposed in downtown Miami by Malaysian company Genting.

The project is not only mentioned on parade ads on Spanish-language radio, the key medium of information for older, Cuban-American Hispanics who sway much of the public, political opinion in town. Resorts World Miami also has ads of its own urging parade-goers to look for them in Sunday's festivities.

"Get to know them," the ads say. "Help make this marvelous project in our community a reality."


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Winston Montpierre

The Genting company has already spent millions in Florida and they are trying to protect their investment. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the special interest groups that are selfishly guarding their bottom lines at the expense of the good people of Florida. Pass the bill and get the jobs and economic recovery that will come from it.


At least Genting is assisting the local community financially - the same cannot be said for naysayers or anti-resort loud-mouths like Disney, Micky Arison, Norman Braman and No Casino which Braman funds. All they care about is their business interests and how to take your money, not how to share it within a community that greatly needs it. Good for Genting for putting up some financial assistance to the smaller organizations and sponsoring this parade.

Selena Gonzales

I think this is great. Genting putting money into community awareness says alot about what they are trying to accomplish. I fully support the new casino Bill and am thrilled that Genting is trying to show us that there is more to their company then a casino.

Katie Smith

Great for Genting! Their community involvement speaks volumes about what type of employers they will be....not even doing business here and already giving back to the community!


We need to thanks Genting for invest in our city. Local investors did not do a thing.The Miami Herald site had a project for 10 years, and the project never materialized because the investor WANTS to copy the Warner Tower like the project in the Lincoln Center New York, but they were expecting others to put their moneies. Genting came with their own money and took the risk. The same with the Miami Worl Center. That is only a project in paper, and no one tale the risk.


There are few people against Genting in Miami , one of them is mr. Norman Braman, because he is afraid that he wont get any more money from the CRA, see this from Miami Herald:"The neighborhood’s largest land owner, auto dealer Braman — whose business as recently as last week was aided with Omni CRA funds — said he’d rather see the redevelopment district expand further west to more destitute areas where rundown industrial sections and seedy low-income housing still exist.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/04/v-fullstory/2531961/as-miamis-omni-area-prospers-need.html#storylink=cpy
It is incredible that a billionaire use the money from the poor people, or maybe is that the way he become billionaire using the needed money from the city of Miami and his citizens.

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