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Evangelicals are working to spread their faith in Gingrich

For 30 minutes Wednesday, in between campaign stops in Florida, Newt Gingrich conducted a conference call with Christian pastors from around the state and nation and used the opportunity to bash Mitt Romney's record on abortion and what he considers a "secular assault on religion."

“I think we are in a war against religion,'' Gingrich said during the call, which was openly recorded and made available to the Herald/Times. "I think the elites are bigoted secularists. I think we have judges who are dictatorial. I think we have constant pressure against religious expression.”

As he has done with pastors in other states, the former U.S. congressman used the opportunity to talk about his call for a Commission on Religious Freedom and his proposal to end "judicial activism."

At no time during the discussion did the pastors raise the issue of Mormonism, or the opinion of evangelicals of Romney's faith, but the pastors emphasized their power to move voters into Gingrich's camp.

 Tony Calatayud of Miami, the general manager of Salem Communication's Spanish language radio, urged pastors “to share on Sunday without any doubt that we need a new leader...somebody that is going to be honoring God and what this country was founded on.”

During the discussion, led by Jim Garlow, the senior pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, Gingrich said that he won South Carolina, when the electorate there realized that he could “debate Obama and win the general election.”

He said Romney’s record “was pro abortion" and that as Massachusetts governor "he had put Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S. into Romneycare. Had tax paid abortions in Romneycare, had appointed pro-abortion judges."  

He told the pastors he opposes abortion, believes that "life begins at conception" and is "opposed to the use of any embroyo for research because it is a violation of the sanctity of life."

He said he is calling for a national commission to make sure embroyos are appropriately handled and he wants any public funds going to Planned Parenthood to be cut and the money given to adoption services.

“Gov. Romney has a very duplicitous position,'' Gingrich said. "He clams he became pro life after visting some clinic...actually Romneycare gives planned parenthood official status."

Garlow asked him to define marriage. "It’s pretty simple,'' Gingrich said. "Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s an historic doctrine driven deep into the Bible.'' Anything else, he said, is "perfect pagan behaviors."

Asked to define American exceptionalism, Gingrich said: “We are not exceptional. We are just people. But we have inherited form the Founding Fathers that [which] is exceptional."

 Gingrich was asked when he first came to Christ, and he said his journey began as a child.

“I first came to a sense of God and the concept of heaven or hell when I was about 4 because I had a grandma who was very old fashioned…who communicated enough about hell that I decided not to go there,'' he said. 

Growing up in Harrisberg, Pennsylvania, he sang in the local Lutheran choir, born and as the family moved with his father's army career, “I became whatever the local protestant chapel was.”

 “I still get emotional listening to Christmas music because it brings back memories,'' he said.

As a graduate student at Tulane University, Gingrich said he was baptized in the Baptist church, served as a deacon and taught a bible class. “I still have enormous fondness for the Baptist church,'' he said. "Gradually my life became more difficult and more painful and I found it harder to commit myself the way I should have…There were parts of my life that were not appropriate and I’ve had to ask God’s forgiveness and I’ve had to seek reconciliation with God."

When he married Calista, his third wife whom he called a "cradle Catholic," he attended church with her at the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. "Gradually I became surrounded by the church and became fascinated by the Catholic approach to the eucharist,'' he said. He said his conversion to catholicism was gradual. "I didn’t decide to become Catholic, I became Catholic and then decided to accept that is what had happened."

Prayer is a constant in his life, he told the pastors. "I’ve always relied on God. I’ve always sought to pray before every major speech,'' and noted that before his South Carolina primary he prayed "not to ask him  for victory but to ask him for understanding,”


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Diana Winters

Enough with the religious talk. Do people really vote for the candidate they feel is MOST religious? I'm beginning to think so.


If evangelical pastors rally behind Gingrich, young people will leave the faith.

It's not that Gingrich has reasons to repent. It's that he has always been and continues to be indignant and judgmental when it comes to everyone else (even perfectly polite debate moderators). This combination will drive young Christians away.

Robert Jenkins

I've heard more than one Evangelical person say that the Catholic Church "and" the Mormon doctrine, are actually cults. Now with that said (which I do not agree with); courting a person like "Newt" against the core beliefs of a "true" Evangelical? So is it now proper for an Evangelical person; to support a person such as "Newt"? Is not that against their very teachings? Is it now "god's" view, that it matters not the teachings in the Bible; but winning an election? Would that not cost one their soul?


This is a nation of faith. It was founded by Christians whether or not the secular and Atheistic community wants to admit it. They are able to exist here BECAUSE we are a Christian nation. We Christians realize that you apply the term "evangelical" as a liberal slur. The message of the church may be painful to your ears but be assured that you have complete freedom not to listen but you don't have the freedom to shut it up. You have complete freedom to reject it while you enjoy all the benefits. As for judgmental...your own conscience (if you still have one) judges you. It's not our job man.


We need a leader that realizes that our nation is under God's judgement and as a nation and an individuals if we need to seek God's face and ask his forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways as it states in the bible in 2 Chronicles 7:14 or our nation will be judged and our land will not be healed. If you are a Christian you can still have peace about the future but we all must pray for our nation and our leaders.

Say No To Gambling

Ginrich is three times married and accepts money from a gambling magnate. That is conservative?

Denny Wood

Does Ginrich bank bank off shore like Romney does?

Hopefully, in the debate tonight this Off Shore Banking history of Romney's Cayman Island banking is cleared up on TV. This issue may get glossed over by the Florida Press, but it is not going to go away.

Right now, the Florida Press is quiet on this banking history and I do not know why.

To me Off Shore Banking is where the drug smugglers and crooked elected officials park their bribes and money. Off Shore banking is used to hide millions, evade taxes and fool the IRS.

I'd just like to learn more about Banking in the Off Shore Cayman Islands is better than American banks.

To me Romney is gambling with the "public's Perception" on keeping money overseas and in "Off Shore accounts. For instance, I personally think the Romney family are tax cheats. And his public tax records are a fraud. And that he is a typical crooked skimmer.

If he only did banking in America, I'd think he was as honest as he likes us to believe.

Denny Wood

Denny Wood

Is there anything in the Mormon Doctrine that encourages Mormons to bank Off Shore like Romney does?

Maybe all the Mormons bank in the Cayman Islands.
Which I doubt very much.

Shirley Gallagher

ReaderSupportedNews.org. READ this site and see what you think.


Question: If any of you had the chance to take your money to Cayman Island and saving on taxes, would you do it ? The answer is YEEEES !!!! Everyone would do it !!! Why people is angry ? Not because Mitt did it, but because we can't do it. We should admit it !!........


Mormons are among the most hard working people in the world. They encourage their people to work and study, that is why they get rich. They also encourage their members to be patriotic, to serve their country and community, and to be tolerant and respectful to other religions.


Wow, do evangelicals hate Mormons? why? have you EVER heard a Mormon belittle an evangelical? probabaly not. How "Christian" of the evangelicals to treat people of another faith this way. And cult? there's 14 million Mormons. Players in mlb, nfl, nba, members of Congress, CEO's and a lot of hard working people are Mormons. They tithe a full 10%? You've just got to ask why evangelicals hate Mormons? (and if they say they don't, check for growth in their nose)


This is comical.

Newt left not one, but TWO sick wives (cancer, multiple sclerosis) for mistresses before "finding" religion.

Another "Do as I say, not as I do" preacher.

Newt is a snake-oil salesman.


Christian Conservatives -

Will Not vote for a Mormon,
But Will Vote for a "Three-Times ADULTERER", Washington Revolving Door Insider, who Got
$ 300 Million from HMO Healthcare Lobbying?

Biscayne Bay

And which God does Newt kneel down to? Because there are many Gods out there:

Christian Religion, there is only One God, who is a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In the Jewish Religion, there is only one
God, Jehovah. In deference to Judaism, G_d is the correct spelling.

In the Islamic Religion, there is only one
God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Allah has no intermediaries, no
spouse, no children, and thus, Allah is One.

In the Sikh Religion, there is only One,
Hari; who has many names and many forms.

In the Buddhist Religion, there are many Buddha’s, but not all Buddhists are deists or worshippers of Idols of Buddha. The first
Buddha to attain enlightenment is Gautama Buddha, who is worshipped as a God in
some strands of Buddhism.

In the Hindu Religion, there is one Formless
God and a trinity of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer Gods.

There are many other gods and consorts.

In the Parsee Religion, Zoroastrianism, there
is Ormazd, sometimes called "Ahura Mazda" or simply "Mazda", the most well known of their Gods.

There were other deities.

African religion has many deities

Mayan religion has many deities

Ancient Greek and Roman religions all had deities also.

The American Indians had their deities

Australian Aboriginals had their Gods and the

There were Norse Gods, Scandinavian Gods, Celtic
Gods, Druidic Gods, along with nature religions also.

Where ever there is mankind, there you will
find worshipers of the Divine.

BOTTTOMLINE: The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the God of Gods and rules all


How about we stop voting based on religion and vote based on who is more likely to get this country out of the current s**t hole its in?

Maria Gomez

Newt will be the best and most religious president in US history!!!!! We need Newt because he is a pittbull and we need that in office. Romney is a liar and he hides his money in offshore accounts!! He is also the most LIBERAL PERSON IN THE RACE. NEWT FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!! ROMNEY WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY!!!!

Joe Goldstein

Newt and the Evangelical vote is proof that Jews use religion as a TOOL to manipulate votes

Biscayne Bay

Don't vote for a Mormon and his God

Vote for the 3x adulterer and his!


A Presidential Candidate talked against the "War on Religion" at a Debate!
The "War on Religion" is this Candidate who COMMITTED
of Representatives Staffer! Then he divorced his 2nd wife and married the Staffer
Mistress as his 3rd wife!!!! THIS PERSON...THIS HYPOCRITE IS THE" WAR ON RELIGION"!!


The issue is not about Newt's sins. We ALL have sinned. The issue is: did Newt ask for forgiveness and turn from those sins? Skeptics always think that if a person has accepted Christ that he is supposed to be now perfect and sinless. The Bible is very clear about the imperfection of ALL humans, Christians and the Godless alike. That's why we ALL need Jesus. So a Christian committing sins makes him a hypocrite? I suppose by being an Atheist you are exempt from being a hypocrite. American needs to turn back to God. God loves ALL of us.

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