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UPDATED Another Resorts World Miami ad hits radio

Resorts World Miami has another ad on Spanish-language radio, this time urging listeners to support South Florida lawmakers who back parent company Genting's mega casino plans for downtown Miami.

Lawmakers, the ad says, "are confronting powerful interests who work to deny our community a future economic well-being. The moment is critical. Our community must support our legislators who fight to bring prosperity to South Florida."

Last week, Resorts World Miami was advertising its sponsorship of the annual Three Kings Day parade in Little Havana, urging listeners to "get to know" the company.

According to Spanish-language radio host Bernadette Pardo, who mentioned the parade in her WQBA-AM (1140) morning show Monday and Tuesday, the company handed out handheld, paper fans to parade-goers saying something to the effect of "Gambling = Jobs."

The fans were nowhere to be found the next day at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Liberty City.

UPDATE: Jesse Manzano-Plaza, a Resorts World Miami spokesman, called to say the fan said "Destination Resorts = Jobs" (in Spanish: Complejos turísticos = Empleos).

Also, he noted that while the company did not participate in the MLK parade, it was actively involved in African-American and Haitian neighborhoods during the holiday season, including a bicycle drive for Haitian children and several toy drives with city and county commissioners. 

"We are doing outreach to every portion of the community, and we look forward to continuing to do so," Manzano said.


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Angelina Gomez

I think it is great that they are educating the public about what is happening in the Legislature. Hopefully this issue will provoke people to get involved in their community. I just learned about the casino from the Spanish station. That is how I found this article. I am now trying to find out more information. How could it possible by bad to educate the public about the importance of paying attention to what lawmakers are doing that will effect their community. I'm excited to hear about the casinos. I have been out of work for two years. I hope I can hold on until the casino opens. I would love to be a blackjack dealer.

Steve Ballard

It is shameful that our political leaders are allowing themselves to be controlled by businesses who are afraid of competition. Let capitalism prevail.

Joe Paine

Spread the word. The jobs are coming!


Most people in Miami are in favor of the Genting Resort. It will bring people and jobs here. The idiot politicians would realize that if we don't have work that we can't afford all those fun taxes they want.

Michael Wind

the reasons that genting is not getting approved is that local politicians are not getting bribes,politics in miami dade county is corrupt on all levels,it is daily occurence,a honest decent human has no chance,example-dr.denis neuhut of bay harbor islands fl 33154,perhaps the most corrupt zip in usa,under protection of corrupt police,investigate that situation and expose the corruption,let regular american people have a chance in life.


Who cares. If Genting want to spend some cash on promoting minority events, let them. It's good for the event's organization to increase their viability for the event. If genting didnt support / sponsor some of these events with a few ads, there would be less exposure for the event. these small event organizers obviously dont have the funds to place ads, so who cares if genting does on their behalf - its good for the event and for the community.

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