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Early-primary backfire? The Ron Paul Revolution will not be televised in Florida.

Ron Paul's presidential campaign took a look at the math and the campaign map and decided Florida just isn't worth it, Politico reports.

Campaign chairman Jesse Benton said it would cost about $9 million for Paul to be competitive. And that was too much for 50 delegates. A candidate needs 1,150 to win the nomination. Florida would have had 100 delegates, but it lost half because the Legislature made the primary early, on Jan. 31. So Florida was penalized by the Republican National Committee.

"It’s such an expensive state, and with their delegates cut in half, the math just doesn’t make any sense,” Benton said, according to Poliico. “We’re a delegate-focused campaign. We’re focused on winning the 1,150 delegates to secure the nomination. And the amount of resources and time it would take to compete for those 50 delegates just didn’t make sense to us.”

In a puzzling twist, Benton said the campaign wouldn't be advertising or mailing Republicans. But it already sent out mailers to Florida Republicans who requested absentee ballots

Paul's decision to skip Florida is the first sign that Florida's decision to buck RNC rules might have hurt the state's prestige, rather than help it. It's also a sign that Paul's campaign, run by amateurs, can make professional decisions. After all, Paul would probably lose the state even if it had 100 delegates. Florida is an elderly state, and the elderly don't seem to like their fellow geriatric, who has become a youth phenom in some states.

This isn't the death knell of Paul's campaign. Mike Huckabee in 2008 essentially skipped Florida, which killed Mitt Romney's campaign and essentially made John McCain the Republican nominee. Huckabee stuck around through the Super Tuesday states and was the last major GOP candidate to bow out.

Does skipping Florida mean a candidate can't win in November? Nope. In 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to campaign here due to Democratic National Committee rules that penalized Florida for having an early primary. Obama lost to Clinton. And McCain won the state in his primary. But Obama won here in the general election.



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Smart move.

Robert Fallin

Suppose they gave a primary and nobody came? Be sure, there will still be a Ron Paul campaign in Florida. You have 21 chapters of Youth for Ron Paul at the following colleges and universities (# of members)

Florida (21)
Florida State University (170)
University of Central Florida (157)
Santa Fe College (52)
University of Florida (45)
South Florida Youth For Ron Paul (24)
University of South Florida (19)
Florida International University (13)
Valencia College (11)
University of Miami (10)
Northwest Florida State College (7)
Florida Gulf Coast University (3)
Stetson University (3)
The University of West Florida (2)
Broward Community College (2)
Southwest Florida Youth for Ron Paul (2)
Lake Sumter Comm. College (1)
G Holmes Braddock Senior High School (1)
Boyd Anderson High School (1)
National University of Health Sciences (1)
The University of Tampa (1)

You also have the Blue Republicans (Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has the largest number of active volunteers of any candidate.

I just wonder why Florida keeps "shooting itself in the foot" by moving your primary. Didn't you learn anything from 2008?

Buzz Fisher

Good decision I think; Florida is not only an elderly state but also a liberal state, so Mitt Romney is going to find it very hard to _not_ win Florida.

Sign up for the Ron Paul Music Bomb and invite all your friends! We can let freedom sing! http://www.facebook.com/events/259729074095040


I can tell you why...the republicans and the democ(rats) are scared to death Dr. Paul is going to win and bring a whole can of JUSTICE to their corrupt little playgrounds.

We are Ron Paul...he is not just a man ...WE are he ....and he is US...and we are no longer asleep...and we are no longer sheep....and we are no longer listening to the drivel falling from the lips of the pretenders...


Linda's post is the scariest thing I have every read. To think the country will be in the hands of a conspiracy theorist and his acolytes is really scary. To Ron Paul, I say: you speak of liberty, yet you tak away a women's right to choose; you speak of small government, yet you take medicare payments from the big government when you practiced medicine. Those seem very hypocritical positions to me. When Paul removes all regulations as he is cutting government, corporations will become even more powerful and individuals will be even more enslaved. Good luck Paulites, you'll need it if your Messiah wins the nomination and ultimately the presidency.


To Really?. You clearly are blind and ignorant. Paul never accepted Medicare. He personally paid for treatments for the less fortunate you dumb goon.


"you speak of liberty, yet you tak away a women's right to choose;"

Because he respect the rights of the baby. But I guess you have no problem denying basic civil rights to them, you know like LIFE.

And yet, I bet you have no problem making other people pay for things like medicare. I guess that "Right to choose" only applies when it benefits you.

"you speak of small government, yet you take medicare payments from the big government when you practiced medicine."

False, he refused to accept any government assistance and either worked out payments for people where they could afford it, or he did them for free.

"When Paul removes all regulations as he is cutting government, corporations will become even more powerful and individuals will be even more enslaved."

False. Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn't bankrolled by these interests.

The regulatory system is nothing more than a private auction for the laws/regulations of this country for big corporations made possible via the buying out of politicians with lobbyists, and the bureaucracy they will install.

Such regulations actually remove liability from the corporation because as long as they are within those regulations, they are "legal".

The only way corporations can force you to do anything is via government. Removing government removes their ability to do so, not the opposite. Which is why corporate media is so biased against him.

Under property rights corporations would follow the same laws you and I do. Am I allowed to throw my trash in your yard? No? Why not? Property rights.

So maybe you should take a few minutes and educate yourself rather than pushing out media talking points as if they really give a crap about you. Newsflash: They don't.


TO JOE: I guess Ron Paul cares? Like when he abolishes the Department of Education and student loans? Like when he abolishes the FDA and safe medicines? Like when he abolishes the EPA and safe drinking water? Your the fool.

BTW: it is easy to say RP did not take Medicare but it is harder to prove. You failed to prove anything. Take off you Ron Paul glasses and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Idiot!


To really? The great thing about making an accusation is YOU have to prove it, "BTW: it is easy to say RP did not take Medicare but it is harder to prove. You failed to prove anything. " Do a google search, do any amount of research, it's something he has said in many debates that means it has been fact checked.



It is people with your attitude that has this country in a giant mess. You are completely uneducated on the issues. Those that support Dr. Ron Paul have actually RESEARCHED why this great country of ours has fallen to the corrupt. The things you say are simply false. Dr. Ron Paul actually has a plan that makes sense. I am tired of being scammed and lied to by politicians who say one thing and then do something else. The Dr. Ron Paul movement is exploding as the endless wars continue, as the economic situation gets worse, as corruption continues. Despite what you may say or think, we the masses are going to vote Dr. Ron Paul into office to restore this great country and rid us of the corruption. Dr. Ron Paul NEVER took Medicare for his patients, he paid for it out of his own pocket. Check your attitude Really because you need to bring a lot more to a debate than false statements when you take on Dr. Ron Paul supporters. WE ARE AWAKE AND WE ARE VOTING!

And the correct grammar is "You're the fool"... +1 for the Department of Education???


Ron Paul FTW!


Yeah really, you're really stupid.



The only folks who are drinking the kool aid are the folks who believe the oppositions' scare tactics against Ron Paul. Dr Paul is NOT going to get rid of Welfare or Social Security. Both Welfare and Social Security laws were passed by Congress. Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist and will honor the laws passed by Congress. He understands that ONLY Congress can repreal laws that have been passed by its body. Because Ron Paul has principles to guide him, he is safe and sane. Gingrich would violate the constitution and send federal police to arrest judges if he doesn't like their rulings. Perry, also in violation of the constitution, would seek to gut the US Congress by executively setting term limits and eviscerating Congress to part-time service. Congress is the voice of the People. If it is ineffective it is because Party leadership stiffles debate, and uses rules to weaken the voting process. The problem isn't Congress, the problem is that the highest executive office in the land has too much power, and its power is growing daily.

Marcus Crassus

"It's also a sign that Paul's campaign, run by amateurs, can make professional decisions."

In what sense are Jesse Benton, John Tate, Bruce Fein, and Doug Wead considered "amateurs", Mr. Caputo?


Well since it was the ignorance of older people who voted us into this mess It is highly doubtful they will admit they were wrong and start listening to Ron Paul. since Paul never seems to be listened to among their age group why bother spending the money only to be ignored by a small percentage of pigheaded stubborn people.


I am almost 60 yrs old and am voting for Ron Paul because I KNOW if he is elected President there will be funds in Social Security when I turn 65. Don't folks get it? Our country is heading rapidly towards monetary collapse, and if that happens there won't be any funds in Social Security. Ron Paul is the only fiscal conservative with a plan to avoid economic collapse. Dhuh!!!

Terry Conspiracy

"Ron Paul is good." Torah Code.
With an endorsement like that, what else do you need to know?

Tula Wilcock

Ron Paul is a puppet of the Illuminati. You have been warned.


I agree Tulu and social security is what they are after by getting him elected. They are using Occupy Wall Street as his voice and when the time comes almost all will vote for him because he will be the only seemingly right answer. They are trying to destroy America...through the promoting of buying homes for retirement or for investment of guaranteed profit, health care (sick care), and what next: social security and the unrest of the Suez Canal in Egypt where the 'democratic protests' began through the start of a google executive on his 'facebook page. Corporate machinations are at work here. Ron Paul would not be a Republican in Texas if he was TRULY against the corporate system which anyone who has done their homework knows is the problem because they control our governments and the people who run it are their puppets bringing to us their agenda. Ron Paul will be the next president but it won't be a 'good' thing...watch and see. It'll be just like voting for Obama's 'change'.


Obama's change also seemed like the only seemingly reasonable way to vote. That is why Obama won by a landslide.


You are issued a social security # the day you are born and under the constitution only people who are BORN WITHIN the U.S.A get a SS# which proves citizenship. With that knowledge a baby within a citizens womb does NOT have one of these SS#'s. Meaning: babies within a mothers womb do NOT GET PROTECTED BY the document the mother does. Ron Paul is a hypocrite if he thinks women should not have a right to choose as most republicans are.


To Trudy,

Social Security numbers are given at birth, but is it in your view acceptable to say that 1 minute before the baby is delivered that it is not a human life? Even if it is not technically a citizen yet, why is it considered murder if someone else kills it? At a certain point in pregnancy you have to agree there is a human life in there and whether a citizen or not it should have the right to life, just as a foreigner visiting the U.S. cannot simply be murdered in the streets just because they aren't constitutionally protected.

I'm not strongly opinionated about abortion, but I can see Ron Paul's perspective. As a physician, he was liable if he were to harm a fetus/baby. There is some inconsistency today in the way the law views babies in the womb.

But Trudy,

Wake up to the other real issues ron paul brings up, not straw man issues that only divide us. Let's look at the deficit and it's implications on the future of the nation and economy. Let's look at the federal reserve policies which only consolidate wealth and power into the hands of those responsible for dismantling our great nation. Who is the only candidate that speaks openly about the military industrial complex, sound money, balanced budgets?


To Trudy,

"You are issued a social security # the day you are born and under the constitution only people who are BORN WITHIN the U.S.A get a SS# which proves citizenship"???

You are not issued a SS# at birth. Your parents have to file for it. Some parents decide they don't want there children to have a SS# and never file for it. With your logic, they should have the right the kill there children because they aren't citizens and aren't protected by our Constitution? Nowhere in our founding document does it say you have to have a SS# to have your life, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness protected. Think before you type.


Legal immigrants can get SSN at any age. What are you talking about ? SSN has nothing to do with citizenship except that all citizens are entitled to get it. This whole blog is infested with morons except for the few.

good Iuck

FIorida is a heII hoIe for people who were escaping the heII hoIes of the north east , rust beIt and Iatin american heII hoIes, there is no further pIace to escape to in the US. Good IucK


Isn't it sad that eventhough we 'know' this election will be fraudulent that we're in a situation that there's nothing we can do.
We ALL know Ron Paul should be on top in every state. Mitt Romney is being groomed right now like Obama was by the elite. There's no way Ron is going to get to the top 'legally.'

Such a shame. The corrupt just keep corrupting
In this video, Ron Paul made predictions in 2002.

Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions All Come True - Incredible Video!

Ron Paul 2012

Jay Tea

Paul's campaign is not run by amateurs... LOL


"TO JOE: I guess Ron Paul cares? Like when he abolishes the Department of Education and student loans? Like when he abolishes the FDA and safe medicines? Like when he abolishes the EPA and safe drinking water? Your the fool."

Getting rid of the federal department of education means that the states and local communities would be in charge. You know, the people who actually are the ones who carry out the functions themselves.

All the federal government does is try to regulate those people. And it makes it so the education system is answering to DC rather than the parents.

Your entire argument is based on false dichotomy that he is going to remove all such form of public education. Which is dumb, and probably a good argument for the need of removing such departments.

You also know nothing of the other departments, who once again do not actually carry out these functions, but rather just set regulations and use up money. Do you think your city/state is just going to up and allow people to pollute your water?

Do you actually pay any bills yourself?

"BTW: it is easy to say RP did not take Medicare but it is harder to prove. You failed to prove anything. Take off you Ron Paul glasses and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Idiot!"

I don't to prove anything because it's common knowledge. You are the one who is making claims that are contrary, so you prove he didn't.

A Facebook User

The big government liberals and neo-conservatives get hysterical whenever Ron Paul's name is mentioned. Why? Because he wants to end the corruption in DC.


Notice how virulent is the Republican establishment Gestapo attack on Ron Paul evidenced by these comments?

Don't quail under their propaganda campaign.

Repeat after me this mantra of freedom:
"Ich been nicht Romney mit!"

Bill Moore

No One But Paul!


Everyone that believes in the United States Constitution will be voting for Ron Paul, young and old! Check out any of Ron Paul's speeches on youtube. He gives sound reason for all his principles.


Life, liberty, property. Who but Ron Paul is an ardent supporter of our fundamental freedoms?


Really?: As a financial analyst, I have spent numerous hours speculating the long-term impacts of nationalized programs like education, medicine (obamacare, medicare, etc.), and so forth. Keep in mind, when there is unlimited credit and money is disbursed freely to anyone (via student loans) wanting to obtain a college degree, it does three things: 1. It keeps the supply/demand infinitely abundant 2. it decreases the value of education relative to the supply and 3. it increases the costs associated (greater supply of loans with infinite demand, higher prices and inflation)

By ridding the US of it's entitlement programs like education and reintroducing a free market, schools will be forced to compete, thereby driving the prices down. It will also have a considerable impact on the quality of education, because schools will then have to compete for their attendees and will have a greater responsibility in proving their school is worth while.


@Really, Ron Paul has helped more people as a doctor for free, than medicaid ever did, and his stance on Abortion simply states that he does not consider murdering the unborn to be a Choice. Better choices are: giving the children up for adoption, or abstaining from the practices that cause them to be born. Abolishing the EPA, The IRS, The DOE, and the FED are the right steps to take; none of those agencies existed when the nation was young and still it prosperred. I went to school when there was no Eduction department and learned more before the 7th grade than the current High school graduates learn. I know that because I could not afford to attend College until 1988 and the Young students in my class knew little or nothing of 8th grade subjects, that I objected to rehash. Reducing the footprint of the Military Industrial Complex also will help the Nation's Prestige as a non interventionist bully as we are currently seen. Unfortuneately people like you do very little research and probably rely on the network News to keep you in government propaganda and lies. Take a look around and remember the players at the game that got you here.

Ron Smith

To Really? I say, you speak about liberty, but you take away a baby's life.

Ron Smith

The sad fact is that the elderly don't by and large support Paul because of where they get their news. The younger voters are on the uncensored (thus far) internet for the majority of their media consumption. The elderly are still on the corporate owned and biased tv/cable/paper news. This makes the elderly a hard demographoc for Paul to reach out to.


Ron Paul's koolaid=truth. "excuse me sir can I have another?" I can't believe the ignorance being thrown about. One thing I can say about Ron Paul supporters, is that we are ALL educated on the issues, not because the media has fed us what we crave, but because we wanted to know ourselves and did the research. Thank goodness we still have that freedom! RON PAUL 2012 OR BUST!!!!

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