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Chamber poll: Gingrich, Romney tied at 33 percent

A Jan. 22-23 poll Cherry Communications poll of Florida Republicans (MoE +/- 4.4%)  finds Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich tied with one week before Florida's primary.

“Following the South Carolina primary, Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich arrive in Florida and begin the final week before Florida’s January 31 primary at a dead even heat – 33% each. Rick Santorum is in third place with 10% followed by Ron Paul with 6%,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “It’s clear that both candidates need to aggressively campaign for votes in Florida.”

Gingrich and Romney have similar unfavorable ratings, but Romney has a higher favorability rating:

Newt Gingrich                  
Very Favorable                       17.86%
Favorable                                42.26%
Unfavorable                            19.64%
Very Unfavorable                   7.54%
No Opinion                              9.72%

 Mitt Romney
Very Favorable                       15.48%
Favorable                                49.60%
Unfavorable                            20.04%
Very Unfavorable                   2.18%
No Opinion                              10.71%

The poll also finds Gov. Rick Scott growing considerably more popular among Florida Republicans.

“Republicans give Governor Scott a favorability rating of 67% favorable to 18% unfavorable, yet when it comes to his job performance, he receives a 71% approval and 15% disapproval rating,” Johnson said.


Posted by Adam C. Smith