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CBS4: DREAM Act-er heckler Mario Diaz-Balart at Miami Mitt Romney event

Diazbalart_heckledWhat would political reporters and activists of all stripes do without the pro-immigrant DREAM Act?

Republicans see Democrats as playing cynical ethnic politics (Obama and a Democratic-majority congress failed to pass it for 2 years). Democrats see Republican opposition as sure way to keep Hispanics from voting Republican. 

And Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign gets dogged with DREAM Act questions at the mere mention of his Miami supporters, Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. They support the act. Romney said he'd veto it, that it's a "handout."

So it's little surprise that pro-DREAM Act supporters busted up a Diaz-Balart event for Romney yesterday. Here's CBS4: 

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, who was rallying support for frontrunner Mitt Romney Friday, was interrupted during the event by supporters of the Dream Act.

The congressman hosted a Cafecito in support of Romney at a Doral restaurant, and Romney wasn’t the only focus at the rally. Supporters pushing the Dream Act were also in attendance at the restaurant.

Under the provisions of the DREAM Act, qualifying undocumented youth would be eligible for a 6 year long conditional path to citizenship that requires completion of a college degree or two years of military service.

One of the students involved with the Dream Act confronted Diaz-Balart, asking him why he supports Romney if Romney is not a supporter of the Act.

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George Fuller

I never wanted to have to pay for foreign kids k-12 education......enough is enough.....

Here is a novel idea......why don't they return to the country of their origin and see how many people there are willing to finance their education....

Ario Gallard

As an ethical Republican I support the DREAM Act. It’s what America needs right now. Well educated youth to keep America the super power it is today.

gabriel sanchez

How could the Diaz Balart brothers and Ileana Roz-Letinen approve of someone which is in favor of immigration oppression (attrition) they have always been champions of freedom they should be ashame. Ileana broke the promise that she made to Ronald Regan she did not like many others complied with what they promise the president. They are oppressing humans just like Fidel has done in Cuba for so many years. Maybe that is why Cuba has never been freed they do not believe it or have it in their hearts contrary to their parents. God will be the final judge. God Bless America The Land of the Brave and Free!!! Gabriel Ssanchez-Menendez:.


Please don't be misled, the GOP party's top down political apparatus picks their goldenboy candidate before any election cycle, and, insures that all party-connected business leaders and currently in office party favorites quickly get behind their lapdog.

As an independent voter I have lost interest in voting this year due the blatant top down interference and meddling with the outcome of each state's primary results. They primarily fund, back, and in person support at campaign events, TV and radio shows for Romney-Bain...leaving our various voter supported candidates [whom gain more collective votes than he does] to fend for themselves. In no way is that democracy in action, that is top down election manipulation sadly similar to that which occurs in China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Iran. As a veteran, I didn't defend the right of "the machine" to abuse the alleged democratic election processes in this unethical immoral manner.

Romney-Bain is a flip-flopping out of touch born with a silver boot in his mouth lowest tax rate paying elitist multimillionaire vulture capitalist

dog of war

mario isn't sure why he supports romney. romney isn't good on the dream act or on cuba policy. mario isn't doing anything to move a new dream act in congress.
david rivera by contrast is doing something. he has introduced a modified dream act proposal and did not endorse romney.


I live in Florida. I am a Republican. I voted for Crist . . . once. He makes Obama look like a heavyweight. Crist was an empty suit long brofee Obama. If McCain choses Crist it will seriously call into question his ability to judge people.

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