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Allen West's wife sees no conspiracy in redistricting

We missed U.S. Rep. Allen West voting this morning in Plantation but caught up with his wife at her precinct. Angela Graham-West wouldn't reveal who she voted for in the presidential primary.

She disagreed with suggestions that her husband got screwed by the redistricting plan that would steer his swing district  in Congressional 22 more to the left. "I don't think it was deliberate," she said.

Rush Limbaugh took Republicans to task for a redistricting plan that would hurt West and said "[Redistricting chairman Rep. Will] Weatherford is a Romney guy and this is why people think Romney is behind this."

When we told Graham-West about Limbaught's comments, she disagreed with the conservative commentator arguing that Romney cares more about his own race than West's race.

At a precinct at the Pompano Beach Civic Center, some Republican voters preferred Romney because they described him as having less baggage than Gingrich.

"I decided walking in -- that's how undecided I was between Romney and Gingrich," said Ronald Perkins, a 60-year-old who works as a chaplain at Port Everglades. "I'm very upset by all the negative campaigning."

Perkins said he had personally met Gingrich in the past and described him as "the smartest human being he has met" but said that can be a problem because "he knows it."

Ultimately Perkins said he thought Romney had a better chance: "Romney is more electable. He has less baggage. Both have baggage but Romney has less."

Perkins wasn't personally turned off by Gingrich's cheating in terms of evaluating presidential candidates.

"I believe in forgiveness," Perkins said. "He has gone to confession. Like the rest of us he continues to sin. To me it's not the most important criteria for who is going to be president."

Victor Reale, a retired airline agent in Pompano Beach, said Gingrich got his vote. Reale saw Gingrich as a man who promised quick action within hours of taking office.

"I liked the Newt," Reale said. "We should get the debt down. We've got to pay our bills and cut, cut, cut."



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I hate you idiots in Florida. It was you morons that gave us the Bush/Cheney disaster and that Uncle Tom fascist Allen West. You dolts better put a leash on that dog or we're going to put her down. Who does West think he is telling my people to leave the USA? I am somebody who fight back spoact.blogspot.com


Lt Col West was telling them to take THEIR MESSAGE out of the USA. Go tell your woes to someone that cares, like Beckel. Two peas in a liberal pod.


Florida beautiful beaches. You ask this @$#@!
now you got it !! Tampa prepare yourself for the convention. Georgia votes on Super Tuesday vote without the fanfare.

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