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Allen West on NPR: GOP candidates should go after Obama, not each other

Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, was interviewed this afternon by Michel Martin on NPR's Tell Me More. The Florida congressman talked about the GOP presidential primary in Florida as well as the forum he held earlier this week in Washington on black conservatism. (Story about that here, from earlier this week.)

Here's what he told Martin about the primary:

"The theme that they should really focus on is, you know, making the case for their vision, for their ideas to be contrasted against that of President Obama so that the people can make the decision of who is the best person to go into that arena of ideas and be able to challenge the president as far as the future and the legacy of this republic. So I think that, you know, people have gotten off-track in a lot of the back and forth, you know, anti-immigrant, Bain Capital, this, that, you know, six of one, half dozen of the other. We've got to get back to the basics. And I'll tell you, a lot of the people that I talked to down in our constituency, that's what they'd like to see the candidates get back towards is talking about ideas and making that contrast."


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Debra P

Allen West is right. The most important thing about this election is ousting Obama. Whichever candidate understands best that we are up against Obama's Marxism and pro-Communism ideas will know how to fight him and therefore, should have our vote.

Newts Army

Our choice for Presidential should be based on one question. Which candidate will go to Washington and kick the demons out of those corrupt Washington Congressmen?
“Greed is the root of all evil"
Romney’s perception is not our reality! His income is over $50,000 per day!

Jose Martinez

Great, Mitt Romney is a marxist just like Obama. I don't want the republican establishment to have a race between Lenin vs Castro. We need Newt! Newt is the only candidate that believes in capitalism! GOP ESTABLISHMENT IS AWFUL!! GO AGAINST IT! VOTE FOR NEWT!!!! AND NOT THE GOVERNMENT MANDATE MITT ROMNEY!!!!!


I give up on this country. We're hopelessly polarized and most of the people are stupid beyond belief. Vote for whoever the f*ck you want, people.

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