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AFSCME labor union ad morphs Mitt Romney into Rick Scott. Does FL care?

AFSCME, the labor union representing government workers, has announced it will run a Florida spot that literally morphs Republican Mitt Romney into Republican Gov. Rick Scott. The theme: Romney is rich and his gains ill-gotten due, in part to a Medicare fraud scandal; and Scott's old company, Columbia HCA, committed Medicare fraud as well. Ergo: Mitt=Rick.

There's one problem with the ad: Republicans probably don't care. And Florida voters as a whole might not be moved too much by this, considering that Scott survived both the Republican primary and the general election in 2010 amid one of the most-negative campaigns Florida saw unfold on its TV screens.

Still, Rick Scott is less popular than popular in Florida. But so is President Obama. And try as they might, Democrats, liberals and labor unions can't put Scott's name on the November ballot. Obama's is there, though, and even Democrats like Sen. Bill Nelson appear to be running away from the president for now.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd first tweeted the existence of the ad buy, $800,000 through Election Day, which is sizable. But truly effective ads in Florida need to ring in at $1 million a week or more. Still, it's better than Newt Gingrich's ad buy: $0. The Washington Post's liberal Plum Line blog has the background on this spot.


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Robert Jenkins

The problem brewing is this. President Obama, will win Florida. I'm quite certain that NO ONE wants Scott's endorsement. I'm also certain if None Of The Above, were on the ballot; N.O.T.A., would win in a landslide!!! Besides if Rubio is finally charged(I understand a well timed indictment is coming), all heck will break loose. As Scott will appoint himself to fulfill Rubio's term. Then see Republican's falling all over themselves to replace the Governor. If you think the presidential primaries are dirty; wait until you see the scrum that will take place.


considering ppp's recent poll where 41% of Republicans said they are less likely to vote for a candidate Rick Scott endorses, and considering Rick Scott has the lowest approval rating in the nation, I would say yes, Republicans definitely care if there is another potential Rick Scott-alike who could be the next president.


actually the ad is pretty funny........

E James

Do you think maybe a poll by Newt's debating coach(Matt Towery) might tend to be a little bit slanted?

Bill Sullavan

I certainly do not understand why Rick scott Was elected in the first place as it was quite obvious he has integrity issues, and detached and of touch with the typical voter. One thing for certain he does not need to be there for a second term. It will take a fortune and decades to repair the damage that he's done. And its unconscienable what he's done to public service workers. The real people who make this state run, not the politicians. Already underpaid compared to the private sector Scott decided to cut more. Pretty low coming from a ultra rich guy who probably got most of his money from ill gotten gains...

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