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Gov. Scott will propose closing more prisons

Gov. Rick Scott's push for increasing education spending by $1 billion next year will force serious cuts in other programs, because the state is facing a nearly $2 billion shortfall. The governor's budget recommendations will include closing five or six more prisons next year, carrying out the privatization of all inmate health care and privatizing up to five inmate work release centers.

As the inmate population continues its slight downward trend, fewer prisons are needed. The Legislature last spring voted to close prisons in Brevard, Glades and Hendry counties. 

Other Scott criminal justice proposals include reducing probation officer positions (for a savings of $7.6 million); put correctional officers statewide assigned to inmate dorms on 12-hour work shifts ($9 million); and close 167 non-secure residential beds in the Department of Juvenile Justice ($6.8 million).

-- Steve Bousquet


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Anthony Beasley

When a Governor proposes privatization of areas of society he can later gain a financial gain from after he leaves office, you have to ask questions. Privatization of prisons does no public good! So what you're saying is, we can make more money for private companies if we use a public system to keep the prisons full? Supply and demand right? So one day when people wake up, you'll see why common sense laws won't work! Because you can't keep the prisons full for private companies if proscutors can't win cases under existing laws.

Gunther Zorn

Decriminalize most drug use and you could probably empty several prisons.

David Kearns

The crisis of education's defunding was of his creation. His solution is Gulag Inc. He works like a piston. When gets his prison buddies slated to take over all the prisons, with our corrections officers reappying for their jobs at 3/4 pay, half the benefits, he will once again turn his eye toward destroying public education in lieu of the new "big box learning" model.
Read the book. http://www.amazon.com/Rick-Scott-Enemy-Terrible-ebook/dp/B0062TDR1M/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1323280727&sr=1-2


He could also free up the need for prison beds to help close down some by promptly deporting (or getting the feds to) thousands of alien inmates in Florida prisons.

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