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McCoy believes himself the leading candidate

Mike McCoy is scheduled to interview with the Dolphins on Thursday, the last of the three second-round interviews the team is conducting as it tries to find a new head coach. But this one might be more significant than the other two in that McCoy tangibly believes the job is his to lose.

Acccording to a source, McCoy considers himself the front-runner in the Miami job and is so confident of this status, he took his name out of consideration for the vacant Oakland Raiders job. McCoy was scheduled to interview for that Raiders opening in Denver on Wednesday but ultimately declined.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Raiders were not thrilled with the apparent snub but were made to understand that McCoy believes himself the front-runner in Miami and he didn't want to do anything to hinder that status.

Both Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin, Miami's other two finalists, are also on the radar for head coach jobs with other teams but have not removed their names from the running of any potential opportunity.

It is unclear if McCoy was led to believe he is the front-runner by the Dolphins. The Dolphins are not commenting to the extent they declined to even confirm which candidates are being interviewed in the second round. The club did confirm completed interviews during the first-round of interviews.

The team did tell both Bowles and Philbin that today's interviews "went great," according to sources. The club is clearly not showing its cards.

McCoy has the enviable position of being the last of the three finalists to interview for the job. On Wednesday, the Dolphins talked to both interim head coach Bowles and Green Bay offensive coordinator Philbin for a second time.

McCoy will get the chance to the leave the lasting impression on owner Steven Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Philbin, meanwhile, got an endorsement for his Dolphins candidacy from current Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think he would make an excellent head coach,” McCarthy told Green Bay media. “I’ve said that before.”

Philbin has been with Green Bay since 2003 and has been offensive coordinator since 2007, although McCarthy calls plays. The Packers have ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in yardage each of the past five seasons, including third in 2011.

As Philbin, McCoy and Bowles compete for the job interviews, there is starting to be behind-the-scenes lobbying for each candidate from parties partial to one or the other.

One source asked why the Dolphins would be so enamored with McCoy as to give him a second interview, noting that the Broncos started the season on a 1-4 slide and ended the season on a 1-4 slide. In fairness, the Broncos did win the AFC West title.

But even that title was getting shot down by sources partial to the other candidates.

One of those noted that the only reason the Broncos won the AFC West is because since-fired Dolphins coach Tony Sparano opted for a two-point conversation against the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of their October 23 game. The conversion failed, giving the Dolphins a 12-0 lead instead of a 13-0 or 14-0 lead.

Had Sparano kicked the extra point, the Dolphins might have withstood a breakneck Denver comeback and still won the game 16-15 in regulation instead of losing 18-15 in overtime.

Interesting ...

That people close to the other candidates are bringing up these issues might also be a sign they believe McCoy might be Miami's leading candidate and he might need to be cut down a couple of rungs to even the playing field.


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Posted by: ALoco | January 17, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Still think this might be the post of the year.

Posted by: FP4FGs. | January 18, 2012 at 08:29 PM
How did I miss that?
ALoco not only pulls our collective legs BIG TIME, he can "Archie Bunker" out those malaprops like the true original he is.
And a d-am fine cook too! LOL

For those of you under 35, Archie was...ah, never mind.

Let's face it, they blew the search for a new HC. I seriously doubt any of these mollusks will last beyond their 3rd year.

Until Ross sells the team, we are stuck. The team is just a toy for him.

Craig, if we let Solai walk, we have a glaring need in the center of our defensive line that now has to be addressed. Do you think that huge, run-stopping nose tackles grow on trees and come any cheaper than the current price-tag?

Ridiculous rumor going around that I am making up. The Dolphins have a deal with the Denver Broncos to trade their first round pick for Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow would become the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins. Ross is enamored with Tebow cause he likes the press it would bring to the Miami Dolphins. Elway is eager to get rid of Tebow as he doesn't consider him to be a real QB. The Broncos would be happy to get Miami's #1 and try to package it with Miami's #1 and other picks to try and get Andrew Luck. Miami will hire McCoy to continue to work with Tebow. Sure it sounds ridiculous, but Ross and Ireland are desperate.

Posted by Youngdonshula
"Is Todd Bowles that bad? A coach who had his players playing hard except for the third quarter of the New England game? Unless anyone of us has actually interviewed anyone of these guys we can only assume who is good or bad. "

I find it INTERESTING that there is not a big push by DOLPHINS PLAYERS for Todd Bowles.
where are the players? Why are they not frothing at the mouth to get their have in as HC?

They KNOW he's not the answer.

If, in fact Bowles IS hired, MAYBE several of the more influential players (Dansby, Moore, Bush, Wake,etc) may have privately expressed their feelings to Ross.

Philbin may not call the plays but what is interesting, as you can see in the video of him and Bilick, is that he is the one who creates the offensive schemes and he understands the defenses he is going against and how to exploit their weaknesses.
The other thing that impressed was that he uses multiple sets on offense to keep the defenses guessing. You can see that he just has a great handle on the game itself and doesn't seem to leave anything to chance.
I don't know if he has a big enough set of balls to deal with all of the players but I think he could definitely have the team ready to play.

In contrast, I watched a Todd Bowles interview before a game and he looked like another Tony Sparano. "It's just football" he says. "A lot of people make it out to be more complicated than it is." That sounds just like a Sparano answer and it scares the crap out of me.

what's with the invisible spell check here?
I type "fave" and it corrects it to "have."
Aussies who administer/run Herald Blogs and Forums are clueless.

I find it INTERESTING that there is not a big push by DOLPHINS PLAYERS for Todd Bowles.
where are the players? Why are they not frothing at the mouth to get their have in as HC?

Posted by: IMAWriter wants a Harbaugh as HC | January 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM

More fictional information pulled out of a bloggers butthole. This person has no idea whatsoever what the players think of Bowles. He only knows what Armando or PFT or ESPN reports and nothing more. Some people are stuck on whats in print and whats not in print.

Did you see the movie Casablanca? Do you know how many people opened a bar or restaurant because they wanted to be like Rick? Well 95% of them failed. And that is the same thing with Ross, he wants the glory but he is not a football guy. In the end, some rich person will make him an offer he can't refuse.

Until then, Ross will be lost and so will his team.

Clam, what the heck sort go garbage are you spouting?
I made no reference to Bowles qualifications, only that in MANY cases, an interim coach (especially in college) will have many of his players fight to keep him. Crenel was just the beneficiary of that love, and is back as an NFL HC.

So why not learn to read a post thoroughly before you criticize it?

Finding a young Shula is different now than it was, well, when the Fins found Shula.
Tomlin was a "discovery" as was John Harbaugh as was Jim Harbaugh.

Give Mike McCoy a chance. He's been in the NFL for TWELVE YEARS...HE'S ONLY 39!
I think McCoy is a good candidate. I think Jay Gruden is better, but McCoy is good coach.

FinBoston, great comment, been begging for weeks, but it is Oregon.


You are the one spouting garbage. You have no idea whatsoever what the players think of Bowles. Do you want them to march down main street??? Just because you don't see reports, doesn't mean the players don't have a favorable opinion. You have no way whatsoever to know what the players think of Bowles. Just because Armando doesn't have a feature article on the subject doesn't mean you can wander off to unsubstantiated conclusions.

Guys either it will be Philbin or Mccoy. Adam Schefter reported Ross favors Philbin and Ireland favors Mccoy. Mccoy dropped out of the Raiders HC position and he feels he is the leader as per Armando. However if Ross wants Philbin then let's wait and see. Predictions???


You should understand, all these writers on all the sites are paid to write stories. They are under the gut to write something. They take liberties just to get something out, just to get their paycheck. Also just because they are not writing about something doesn't mean you can deduce anything from that. Just because there are no reports of the fins players having a pow wow session in favor of Bowles does not mean one way or the other how much they are for him or against him.


Have you counted how many reports Adam Schefter has been wrong on his reports???????

Wake up folks. Learn how things work. You can't believe everything you read, I'm sure you've heard that. Journalists are paid to crank out stories, but just because its in print doesn't mean jack shiit.

McCoy is worthless! Bowles is acceptable, a one year experiment

Adam Schefter has been dead wrong on everything he as reported on the fins since Sparano got whacked. You guys get infatuated with a name and think they are gurus. They are jokers hoping they are right based on whatever information is fed to them, and often its misdirection.

Hate to say it, and piss on my all you want, but most bloggers are extremely naive and really stupid. They have no clue how things work, especially the media.

You are late to the party. I broke the news about a Tebow trade but who cares, I don't.

I will actually love to see it unfold it will certainly be more entertaining than whatever else is in the works for us except for trading up to get RG3, which knowing this dumb nuts won't happen.

Can you imagine the Hate-O-Meter with Tebow and BFF LeBron playing in the same town? It will be off the charts.

Realistically two things prevent this deal from happening:

1. Jax has a higher pick that Denver can use better to trade up to get their man.

2. Dumbo and Ginger are such idiots that rather to bring a coach that believes in Tebow they are pursing useless McCoy. I guarantee you Tebow wants none of anything associated with Fox and Friends. I would have gone after McDaniels, as crazy as it sounds at least he believes in the guy and he will bring the skinny of the evil Hoodie.

You are late to the party. I broke the news about a Tebow trade but who cares, I don't.

Posted by: TigerSam | January 19, 2012 at 12:04 AM

Sure dude, you broke the news. You were out there at team headquarters interviewing the players, coaches and agents, no? No. You read some report on one of the few sites and regurgitated here.

Nice try.

I'm so sick of Ross and his stupid comments. A young Don Shula? How about just the first solid HC for the fins in over a decade?! Remember when he said Henne would be better than Marino?! Honestly with instincts like that Its actually terrifying to think about what Ross' idea of a young Don Shula is. The only thing that scares me more
than Jeff Ireland's draft history is how much Ross believes in him. All that said, I really hope we get lucky and they hire a coach (by accident of course) that has the vision to build a team through great drafting.

I don't profess to know much about any of the final 3 candidates.

I watched the Fins play hard and finish 2-1 under Bowles but can't tell if that was a team playing on auto pilot or not? How are we to know how much input, fresh installation, motivational speeches, game planning etc did he use to get them to play hard? Was it the player pride and knowing things well enough the last 3 weeks of the season to just perform?

The Philbin interview that Prof Lou noted does offer a snippet of the mans football intellect. He may not call plays but has a grasp of offense and that's good in todays pass happy, offensively favored rules NFL.

I am usually more enamored with the emotion charged coaches like Lombardi, Madden and JJ. The thing is there are plenty of laid back types that appear to put you to sleep that get it done too... Hoodie and Dungy come to mind. Philbin seems like the latter.

Lastly, the death of a son must be an incredibly draining emotional plummet. Philbin can either use this all engrossing task to consume him and take his mind off of it OR meltdown later on when the pressure of winning mounts. Who knows...

McCoy is the youngest and seems the cockiest (telling the Raiders to pound sand and not blow his chance of landing this job). We are either back to crazy Ireland speak that sends mixed signals and eventually will piss McCoy off if he doesn't land the job and further sully the Fins name OR he knows he's the new Coach.

With the ground and pound mantra Bill Parcells put in motion way back when, with BP taught Ireland drafting all the "Big Boys" to pound on people, with Ireland trading up in a 3 picks for 1 to draft jury is still out RB Thomas (sorry Michael, my math is thus too)...Maybe with all the mad Tebow college science lab plays McCoy fits more what Ireland was taught by Bill to do...run first and ask questions later. Throw in a mid first round Center and you know running alot is in the DNA.

Try to out muscle and out physical everyone to wear them out. Seems the Harbaugh's are cornering that market right now.

In the end we shall see if whomever they chose will muster up the troops and bring a more polished product to the table than Sparano did.

I believe Ross wants a winner but his NFL learning curve has to get better. At least he spends and I am thankful we are not under a cheapskate regime.

Being a fair weather fan is not in me. Maybe my fan fervor can wane after years of losing but go away, I just can't see it.

Maybe they should just get a real stark raving mad scientist of a coach and grab Mike Leach...at least we will see stuff we have never seen before! LOL


the more i red these comments the more i wonder if some of you watch football, or know what reality is.

1st, the dolphins aren't the only teams who have all 3 of these guys on their radar. secondly chip kelly either doesn't want to coach in the NFL or none of the teams needing a new coach has any interest in him. seems like people aren't knocking down chudzinski or zimmer's doors either.

we will not be getting a chance to draft luck or RG3. get that out of your head and stop posting ridiculous trade scenarios. even if the colts decide to stick with manning it won't happen. cleveland will trade up to get luck. they have 2 1sts this year and can throw in a 3rd 1st. if indy does take luck the browns will take RG3. we don't have enough to get to the rams second pick. even if we did you don't think the brown won't c-block us and trade with the rams?? the rams can drop back 2 pick, still draft whomever they wanted at 2 and gain something extra from the brownies. so put that QB one out of your heads. use some logic!!

that leaves us picking 8th or 9th. it's not sexy but drafting a tackle at that spot would be the best move to improve our offense. it's most likely the highest rated players on the board too. reiff or martin. you'll all be on here yelling and screaming but that's no different than any other day!! then we have a choice to make. try to get a guy like matt flynn or get a QB in round 2 to somewhat appease the yahoo. i'd go flynn if possible and try to get a TE. may even have to try to trade up into the late 1st to get allen from clemson perhaps. would be a good idea to look for another TE in FA too. the rest of the draft go for best available but try for a speed rush LB and some safety help.

the thought of some to dump solai because of money is shortsighted. we need an NT no matter what. after making 13mil last season maybe we can talk him into a longer term contract. he's one of the top 5 at than position so it's not like we can just get a guy cheap and have no drop off.

lastly i don't get the ireland hatred. he's been in charge for a year and a half. in that time he's he's brought in dansby and burnett on defense and resigned JT. on offense he brought in bush, marshall and moore. that's 2 pretty good FA years. i think his 1 draft will need next season to know how good or bad it was. there weren't a ton of picks but i think we can anoint 2 players for sure. pouncey and clay. i would say gates and wilson did good things on ST's. both are raw but have potential at corner and speed at WR. thomas' hammy was a problem all season so the jury is out. but he did have 2 pretty great outings. and a hammy isn't a season to season type chronic thing so with a full offseason and camp he will be 100% and we can truly judge him next year. i like his power and one cut stye. if he is good it will be a really nice compliment to bush. i think ireland did good by not reaching for a QB in last years draft and not trading away picks for guys like kolb or orton or palmer. i don't think any of the rookies we could have gotten or any of those we could have traded for would have been better than moore was.

i also place the blame for this season on the coaches. sporano never had this team ready early in the season. he always tried to sit on even the smallest lead. he never changed the tempo of a game and seemed to always get out-adjusted in the second half of games. even with all those shortcomings we were leading in enough games to actually make the playoffs if we held those leads!! broncos, giants, texans, and browns. that gets us to 9 wins. i'm very glad we didn't hire fisher!! he is cut from the same cloth. i'd rather have any of the 3 in contention. maybe who we hire will be exciting and aggressive. i know jeff fisher wouldn't be!!!

so dolphin complainers do 2 thing for me. first go cash a reality check. then take 2 chill pills and at the very least wait till after the draft to condemn everything.

..One thing about a guy like Philbin.

The multiple sets..The complicated offense a look great. Especially to a fan base that is starving for a more exciting brand of football. Chew on this..It takes awhile to learn these systems. How long has Rodgers been in the packer program? Do not think for a second that we will see anything like the Packer offense until we find a quarterback that can run that system. Even then it is going to take time get familiar with all of the intricate parts.

I'm not saying it can't happen, I'm just saying for those who think it will be an overnight makeover..You have another thing coming. It isn't that easy.

The best way to groom a new quarterback is to establish a run game..it is a must. Even if we stick with Moore. We have to be able to run it or we will meet similar fate to last year. It is a process. Lets use San Francisco as an example. They used the run all season as the base for their offense. They only asked Smith to make plays here and there. Acomplishing 2 things..eliminating the chance for untimley quarterback mistakes, and growing his confidence by in effect..Taking the ball out of his hands. We remember last week because Smith had the best passing game of his career(maybe not numbers wise..but clutch, and error free) Harbaugh was smart. he recognized he had to play to the strengths of his team to have a chance..No way would they have had the same success if they would have started the season with an air assault pass style..No way.

We may get Philbin..He may be the right guy to turn this thing around..Just do not expect to see anything close to the Packer offense he is the brainchild of...at least for awhile.

rob in oc. i would say ireland's draft was not bill parcells like at all. clay is not prototypical te or fb. gates is a speed guy not a 6'5 wr. jimmy wison is not a parcells type player either. because thomas is a one cut power back the whole draft was parcells like? i would say bringing in bush or bringing back taylor wouldn't make bill happy either. ireland seems more concerned with speed. which is a good thing.

Chip Kelly you Blind B-astards

I'd much rather have Tebow then RG3 so yeah, I'd trade our top pick for Tebow in a heartbeat.

There is an uncertainty within me, a lack of trust. Decisions have not been made for a long time with the sufficient degree of precision. And must have that in order to be successful.

Hey jaison,

I see what you mean, Ireland's draft and FA class had more speed in it 2010 but, it just seems odd that it took so long to look up and down the roster and say "Ugg...Need more Speed".

After 3 years of BP run drafts and who knows how much BP mantra stuffed in his ears I don't blame Ireland fully. I just hope we get away from this "You MUST be this big, tall, heavy to ride this ride" style of drafting that they have done for years.

They have to include ALL of the best football players available on draft charts to DRAFT guys like DeSean Jackson, Ray Rice, Pocket Hercules, Wes Welker etc.

I read your post and it had some good stuff in it. I would stop short of calling it lunacy to trade mass players/picks away if Ross, the second richest owner feels the craving to sell tix. He has been getting lambasted lately in the press, wants desperately to make a splash and got rejected 2 x by would be coaches. Billionaires aren't real used to getting told "no". Maybe he thinks a splash formula could be to get a second tier coach and make some blockbuster deal to get a hotshot QB that will fill the fan's hope balloon. Maybe rent some more season ticket holders?

I am by no means condoning it but just throwing it out there as what Ross could be thinking.

Getting QB Flynn and having him compete with Moore after cutting all ties with Henne allow him to run along to another team may be the best and cheapest option.

Judging by how some of these FA/sign n trade QBs have worked out I would not pay a kings ransom for Flynn either. He had a special offense and limited time to show consistency. We would hate to get our own Scott Mitchell as we have done several times already. (Feely, C-Pep).

Time will tell.


You are late to the party. I broke the news about a Tebow trade but who cares, I don't.

Posted by: TigerSam | January 19, 2012 at 12:04 AM

Sure dude, you broke the news. You were out there at team headquarters interviewing the players, coaches and agents, no? No. You read some report on one of the few sites and regurgitated here.
Nice try.

Posted by: Clam | January 19, 2012 at 12:11 AM

Not even a nice try. He read my joke about us trading for Tebow, McCoy and the up and coming Ball Boy Dante Horkowitz, who refined his ball handling skills while at Penn State.

I guess that makes me his "Inside Source"-LOL.

Wow....Jaison, I must say, that was a huge post to have said so many stupid things....
First off, there is a chance that Cleveland believes in McCoy. If they do, They will not trade up...but it doesn't matter because st Louis (if they even trade the pick, they aren't certain to) will want to go to get Justin Blackmon, and we are too low to do that too.

Ireland is awful. Yes parcels had a lot of say, but it was Ireland's draft too. And it was awful. We need a qb. We need a wr and we need safety and corner. We need te, but we need to trade for one, this is not the draft for it.
Matt Flynn had food games because he is in McCarthy (not philbin) system.....and any qb would be successful in it, much like Philly (look at kolb)
We will draft an offensive lineman like reiff (even though I think we should think about Jonathan Martin and turn him to edited gut tackle) but I will tell u this....no matter what we do it is severely disappointing that w use such a high pick for another damn o lineman. Or lineman in general! It's unbelievable.
Then let's go to soliai. Us franchising him was another of Ireland's death stabs to the heart of this team. He wasn't even starting his so called breakout (contract) year and what does he do? Why is he top 5? Is he vince wilfork? Is he a sack machine or run stopper? No! He's awful! And we pay him ten million more than he deserves. For that money, putting him on the trading block should get us a first rounder and maybe a third, right? He gets paid like Richard Seymour...but we would be lucky to get a fourth for him, because everyone else sees the little value he has.
I could go on, but posts like this sicken me. I like thinking back to the Better days...of this blog and this team.

Hey Jaison or should I call you Ireland...hey Jeff how the heck did drafting a O left tackle work out to really improve our team so far...and now you call for. R tackle in 2012 draft??? How bout a playmaker for once

And those of u who want to cut loose henne but keep more make me
Sick. Matt Moore is not good. He will never be good. He's similar to tebow, in the fact that he can't throw but the defense got better. Henne can at least make the throws. I would keep henne and toss Moore if and only if we have trade for an elite qb or drafted one in the first two rounds.

Anyway wishful thinking on all that...my bet is that we suck again in 2012..Unfortunately

Meaty Lamb Sausages

Odin and Clam I guess you did not read I didn't care. Take the credit, why would I care, it may not even happen you fools.

Anyway, we can all pull our teeth here bitching and whining and at the end we will still pull for our Phins, so how about some positivity for a change and hope whatever decision these clown... I mean front office makes is the right one.
Besides we have no saying at all so let's hope for the best. Bring Tebow!!!!!


Sup man. Good ta see ya.

No way, we get Philbin and should INSTANTLY be as good as the GB offense... hehe.

After watching San Fran pull such a transformation and knowing that Miami has at least a baseline of talent I can't rule out a run at a WC spot in 2012.

That said, I am thinking that is more stars aligning type stuff. More realistic would be flirting with 8-9 wins and knocking on the door next year. Answer it in 2013?

I will reserve more judgement until after the draft and FA.

I do think that Thomas will have to carry more load as it still feels like Bush got a tad lucky playing as long as he did without injury. He still got nicked in the end so tough to say he will last all season 2012.

Cheers my friend,

Ireland wants to bring back re-runs of ALF too..

Everyone is missing the point. McCoy made the playoffs because he was in the worst afc division! U can't go 8-8 in our division. U can't be 25th in scoring, and u want him?
And now u want tebow too?!?! Forget that he can't throw, and would and could never beat Brady or new England....why not get Denver's defensive coordinator? Because it was their d that won the games. Tebow just didn't Lose them. He had 28 yards in the first half against one of the leagues worst defenses. C'mon!
Also, john elway is staying with tebow, so it needs to be let go.
None of these candidates are any good, as I knew sparano wasn't good. Bowles was in charge of one of the worst secondaries in the league, allergic to interceptions and until the end of the year gave up record amount of yards.
Two things could have happened in this search for a coach that I would say that no way could they BOTH happen to us and us not get so much worse.....not land fisher and lose Nolan as our dc without Zimmer as our hc...and of course they did...
So I'm done talking about the draft. We won't draft well, we will bust like always, and we won't trade for a qb or te which is what we should do (not named Flynn!) ...so I'm done.


Just curious about the Henne fascination...

Henne has never piloted us to the promised land and has shown a penchant to stare down receivers, have turnovers at critical times, miss easy throws, has little pocket presence and has had 4 chronological years to make his splash...and really didn't.

Andy Dalton? Josh Freeman? T.J Yates? They all came out swinging early.

I am just trying to see the Henne side of the argument and simply can't.

Moore had Zero camp, NO first team reps, and got thrust into duty and managed a decent record down the stretch. Henne was 0-fer a lot going back to the prior year.

In that logic vein, Tebow should get no credit as his DEF did start playing better as well, right?

I am not trying to stir the pot I just fail to see tangible Henne should stay data...namely W's.



Never mind the Tebow comment...your last post answered it.


Thanks for chatting inimounts!

I have to hit the rack now but I will look up the thread later bud.


For instance, no one last week brought up the two-point conversion coach Tony Sparano opted not to try when the team went up 15-10 vs. Dallas. The two-point conversion chart says go for 2. Sparano followed the chart in the Denver game when his team went up 12-0. Why not follow it this time? I don't know if Sparano has been asked that question. I know I haven't seen an answer.)Remember posting this Mando?














Ireland is just looking for the next person to back stab. Getting us these second rate coaches what a joke..

Hire bowles.! At least he already knows the personnel he has to work with and didn't do a bad job at the end of the season. The players seemed to rally behind him

Hire Pat Hill ex Fresno State Bulldogs head coach

Make it ,


i'd much rather have nolan and sparano than these guys.

All i know is that i live in NH and ive been a dolphins fan since i was 8(now 37), and this is just another painful viscous cycle of the same old garbage I deal with every year. Im sick to my stomach to see the same crap happen year in and year out. Losing on Brees to the Saints, skipping over Aaron Rodgers in the draft for a nobody, losing on Jim Harbaugh, losing on Jeff Fisher, a terrible owner and GM that cant identify talent and is more wrapped up in the celebrity garbage than building a quality football team. So tired of all the Pats fans up here seeing their team win every year and MY team hasnt even made the playoffs since the Jay Fiedler era(another horrible quarterback) Will the pain EVER stop!!!!!!!!!!

If McCoy thinks that this is his job to lose,e then this is the guy I want. I want cocky, arrogant and aggressive. I like a guy who thinks hes the man, time for a coach to man up and run this team. Stop whining about Nolan leaving, theres plenty of DC out there. And sto crying about second teir coaches, they all were that at one time, we dont know what kind of guy we will get until tthe games stop. No Ireland worries me alittle. But he has drafted a few good players.

Neither McCoy or Philbin seem to qualify as a head coach. McCoy did not distinguish himself as an OC before the Tebow hysteria. Moreover Philbin does not make any in game decisions which is normal for an OC and prepares one to be a HC. Bowles won and showed he can make in game decisions. How else are the Dolphins going to beat the Jets. then play the Pats very close.

Yes, I am also feeling the sky is falling for our Phins.

But, Philbin "could" be a real good head coach. This McCarthy calling the plays thing is a little overhyped. Philbin is/was a big part of the structure of the offense. The line decisions and the "look of the offense.

I think he is well worth the risk, and in a long shot he is very close with the QB coach Tom Clements, I think closer to Philbin than even McCarthy. If that package comes here, there is no reason to think that Flynn would see a great opportunity.

I don't know, I am not sure Flynn is the "answer" but he looks good. And if these planets "could allign" this way. Philbin is the best candidate to help us get better faster.

Also Clements is second to NONE in developing QB's and bringing the best out of them.

Just my opinion.

Don't worry people, the actors of this pitiful comedy, (i.e. Ross and Ireland) will make sure they take the worst possible decision on this matter. In fact they have already taken it !
This team seems to have no redemption as long as this two clowns be part of this organization. There is no stability at all. The ship will sink ...but the rats remain.

Now I spent the time reading prior posts to mine, and most of my points have been made already... Sorry to all of you, plagerism was not the culprit. Just writing before reading. :)

For all of you saying Philbin has no say with on field decisions, have you noticed McCarthy wears a headset most of the game.

That is not to keep his ears warm, Philbin and him both have a say as to what goes on, on the field.

Now that I said all of that, we will hire McCoy. :)

Mando, I do believe I am the only blogger who shouted to the heavens, that Sparano lost the Bronco game because of his decision to go for two when he didnt need to and that decision lost the Bronco game. Not one sports media wrote about the failed two point conversion. OR barely mentioned it. Anyway, that was some time ago and its water under the bridge, as they say. I bet Sparano thinks about it everday. And hes now the OC for the JETS, thats funny as hell.

PhilPin yes.

Bowels maybe

McCoy no.

McCoy created a gimmic offense that worked for a while. we saw that in the wildcat already..

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